Who goes to Queen's for engineering?

who goes to Queen's for engineering?

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I go to King's. I love guys, I love you.

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Rye Eng here GG

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UofT Engsci you can all suck my nuts

waterloo soft eng
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>Tier 1: Top engineering programs in Canada
Toronto, Waterloo

>Tier 2: Decent engineering programs
McMaster, Queen's, Western

>Tier 3: lmao
Carleton, UOIT, Ryerson, York

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Feels good paying off each term with the previous co-op term and having cash to spare.


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not eng related but can anyone tell me how Concordia is from a Veeky Forums-prespective for Chem? 'Got rejected from all my top choices but wailisted from one Ivy but im not expecting shit from that. Applied to Conc after that shitshow and got accepted within a day with 30 credits already. (I'd rather shoot my nut than blow a fortune at a medium-tier smug American uni for 4 years).

So, How's it like in Concordia (especially Chem)? How easy is it to transfer from there? Where should I transfer to in Canada if I want to go into Chem research (Masters then PhD)?

Concordia like down the street from McGill Concordia?
That one is a pretty shitty school I won't lie to you but honestly if you're from QC and you have a high GPA you can still easily transfer to McGill because they still have a massive quote for local students.

And McGill is the only place you should go in Canada irrespective of what exactly you want to study because every program is good and they have basically unlimited funding and research money.

It's also one of 2 or 3 schools in this whole country anyone will recognize once you leave our borders.

I'm international with a US passport from a Middle Eastern country. Does the same still apply? (I'm first in my class in IB if that would sweeten the pot with McGill)

I'd just go see someone at McGill and ask them what the requirements usually are for someone coming from Concordia.
As far as I know, the schools are very familiar with these sorts of transfers between themselves.

I personally know quite a few people who went from undergrad math and physics at Concordia to graduate studies at McGill. (They all had 3.85+ though)

McGill is one of the best unis in canada what u mean

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I thought Queen only got a phd.



the 5-6 people I know who went there were all white affluent popular types. That school seems very cliquey... The intro week for eng seems cultish. Idk.

>white affluent types

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Holy shit this is weird, I actually do. This is the first fucking time I've ever been on this board what are the odds. Currently bored as shit all of my housemates moved out this morning. Year?

If you want a social life with engineering it is probably the best program in Canada, but you also need to be able to have a social life and not be a sperglord.

UBC? UofA?

U of T is like McGill but they actually have money, Waterloo is top 10 engineering school in the world. McGill is slowly falling in the rankings because Quebec won't let them increase tuition price to keep any profs.

>Waterloo is top 10 engineering school in the world
I've never found a single ranking that says this. You're welcome to find one for me.

Honestly fair, I never looked but that was just from anecdote. I can't find a source so I was probably wrong. I forgot to mention that Queen's and Western are also top 10 for MBA programs that aren't american schools and are #1 and #2 for employer rankings. Source for that is here bloomberg.com/features/2015-best-business-schools/. Basically what I'm trying to say is that McGill was once the best school in Canada, but it's definitely fallen a lot.

eyy I'm entering first year, cheers fellow gael

yea man i know that feel, coop is sick working at pepsi co next term ;)

Queen's for Physics

What's your discipline OP?

BTW The BFC welded an extra foot and a half onto the Grease Pole and coloured it blue.

Tam frosh will have a fun fucking time next year.

This is what Queen's seems like to everyone who goes to uni in Ontario

guys whats the best school for gender studies thanks


McGill doesn't care about IB. No extra credits for Sl classes and even then, you need like 40 to get into the engineering programs there.

bullshit. a guy with latest avg of 31 got accepted there for Mech or Elec engineering.

>>Tier 3: lmao

It's notoriously bad for Engineering though. Insidr mtl, Concordia and Polytechnique are probably better if you actually want to work as an Engineer. Mcgill only has the reputation going for it.

I go to Concordia for Software Eng. It's great for Software/Comp Sci and decent for engineering. At least inside Quebec. Outside it's not known at all. But if you're goal is just to get a 4 years bachelors in engineering and get a job, Concordia is fine and their software/comp sci program is better than mcgill. This is speaking from someone who got accepted to both software eng programs. Mcgill's software specifically is just not as good.

But honestly if you plan on working in QC, for engineering, mcgill, ETS, poly, concordia or whatever, it doesn't matter. You can land jobs in the industry easily. They're all decent. Mcgill is best for that name though, but you will get finals worth 100% and grades curved to your disadvantage. I have friends in mcgill eng and they hate it.

As for chemistry, honestly Concordia is probably trash. I would pick mcgill over concordia for physics, chemistry, math, medicine, law etc. It's more "academic". Especially if you want to pursue a phd.

2nd year at western here

Know quite a few people at Queens. Queens eng, and queens in general, is full of a lot of white rich people who think they "love science" only to get absolutely rekt and drop out by 2nd or 3rd year. Obviously generalizing that many people is dumb, but that's just the general trend of people I know who went there. If you're looking for real hardcore math/phys/chem/eng shit Waterloo is the ticket.
I actually only toured two schools, and one was Concordia for chemistry haha! Biggest piece of advice I can give for undergrad selection in Canada is:
Most curriculums are gonna be pretty well the same // you get out what you put in in university.
Obviously there's a general power ranking for he schools, but if they're really close CHOOSE THE PLACE YOU COULD SEE YOURSELF LIVING MORE COMFORTABLE/WITH THE MORE INVITING CAMPUS.
Also, make sure the school you choose has at least some kind of rep for that subject.

I'm just a mediocre mafk who goes to Guelph but I've managed to pull a paid research position this summer, whatever school u go to just try and network and get your foot in the door as much as possible and you'll be ok.

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