Why do we need to sleep?

Why do we need to sleep?
Is it because our brain doesn't have lymph nodes?

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Regeneration, memory management, make you use much less energy and resources when you don't really need then, prevents you from going out of the cave out of boredom to get eaten by predators.

No one knows for sure

I don't know but it's some fucking bullshit. It seriously angers me how much of my life I have to spend sleeping. Every scientist who's working on extending people's natural lifespan should instead focus on eliminating the need for sleep, it'd extend the amount of time we have available to do stuff in our lives by decades.


it serves an important biological purpose and so on, also

This. Who wants eternal life if we still need to waste our time sleeping.


"We sleep because we get sleepy"
-scientists' conclusion after an intensive 20 year study on why humans need sleep

we don't fucking know

because otherwise you will die.

It must play an important role because of how risky it is. Evolution has come to the conclusion that laying unconscious for hours at a time is more useful to survival than constant attentiveness. So it must play a crucial role in brain maintenance.

Based on things I've read it seems to mostly be involved with flushing waste out of the brain. The brain also probably uses the opportunity to consolidate memory and grow/prune dendrites

Perhaps its simply that forcing an animal to be inactive during the time of day its not suited too is an advantage?

That's one of the main theories. Lymph nodes clean the waste, but ... So!?

>is an advantage?
There is no such thing as an objective fitness function. All these traits are relational.

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>B-but muh sciencists said that..
Who do you think is financing the people doing these sleep deprivation "studies" in the first place?
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It's the only way for any organism to escape the overbearing weight of life and its own mind. Proven fact.

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Do bacteria sleep?

As I delve into my mental illness I realize the importance of sleep

Although it might not make intuitive sense, sleep is to allow proper functioning of the various systems in our body. It's our maintenance mode.

Think about it in terms of computing. If you are constantly using your computer all day every day for intense tasks, it is more likely that it will overheat or another part will malfunction. Something like a daily restart or leaving it off for an hour will greatly increase it's life cycle.

Why don't we know why we need sleep yet? Is it because there isn't enough official studies done or can we just not figure out?


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Sleeping allows us to dream and prepare our ethereal selves for cognitive space travel.