Peer review

>peer review

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>new study shows

>scientifically proven

>FDA approved

> scientists claim that...

>discovered a cure for cancer

>____ not as _____ as we first thought

>Human Trials

>Promising new drug

> ...planned for 2032

>minimal side effects

> public surveys discovered that...

>won a nobel prize
>...for peace

>p 0.08

>beyond any reasonable doubt

>The IPCC is warning that the world...

>new study will change the way you look at ... forever.

>new state of matter has been discovered

>[enormous scientific breakthrough]
>never hear about it again


>scientific consensus


>the ipcc claims that

Don't even know the point of this meme thread but peer review means that reviewers will take responsibility when the article was published and it was actually horse shit.

>reviewers will take responsibility

Possiblr correlation between ___ and cancer.

>10 reasons why water is killing you

>findings may yield insight that could help researchers design better drugs

>X is a special case of Y

>X damages Y cells
>X will cure cancer

>EPA Regulations

Peer Review Faults:
- Expectation Bias
- Argumentum ad Populum
- Argumentum Verecundiam
- Circular Reporting

Self Public Faults:
- Confirmation Bias
- Cherry Picking
- Personal Incredulity
- Personal Induction
- Existential Error
- False Attribution Bias
- False Dilemma
- Argument from Ignorance
- Presumption of False Consensus
- Bulverism
- Argument from Silence
- Argumentum ad Nauseum
- Hasty Generalizations
- Confabulation
- Professional Narcissism


You're right, we should trust everything peer reviewed ever.
No matter how horseshit it sounds

wait, you're retarded

user there are lots of peer reviewed garbage about quantum mechanics which sounds crazier than that guy from ancient aliens on DMT. Peer review only means its been approved by two alike minds, which unfortunately doesn't guarantee of them not being nutjobs, shills, scammer or actual scientists.

>Number 1 dentist recommended

> 87% of people agree that...

hey guys, don't mind me, just posting this revolutionary new way to make semiconductors

no need to confirm it works, trust me, it does

also pls gib grants am rockstar now

We need to replace every single road in american with

>green roads
i will say this though

I went to an urgent care and the doctor prescribed me a drug claiming multiple times
>It has no side-effects
>sister is a pharm student
>checks S/A on the drug
>impotence is a S/A
Fucking Kek. I wonder if i can sue her for misinformation.

you can

you should

I might do it. The bitch made me wait for fucking 3hrs just to see her for a less than 15 minute consult/exam. Literally claimed 5-6 times it has no S/A so I always start with it.

you must

Not a hope in hell. Is it in writing? Don't you think the justice system is not full of dodgy chancers making up lies? Wind yer neck in ya muppet.