Will science ever be able to stop history from repeating itself?

Will science ever be able to stop history from repeating itself?

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No, not until we develop extremely efficient eugenics

What we can learn from history is that those who should have learned from history never did.

We are getting close. Look up "genetic warfare".

It may be able to in the future when computing power is cheap enough to simulate the outcome of societies. Currently there's too many variables with too complex of relationships for it to be feasible with current technology.

No way that shit is still going on in 2050.

We need another Hitler to kill off islam, it's the only way.

>simulate the outcome of societies

you'll need a stable government for that, a place that never vote, like North Korea

>No, not until we develop extremely efficient eugenics
We did, they are working and we are the ones getting wiped out.

Hopefully, hedonism, race-mixing, homosexuality, suicides and abortions will solve everything.

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Sodom and Gomorrah again? Which cities will be destroyed this time, San Francisco and... ?

Don't worry, history will keep repeating itself and Poland will save the day - then get 0 credit for it.

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The Vatican ?

>simulate the outcome of societies
>there are people who actually believe this will be possible
Why do so many Veeky Forums fags fail to understand that technology and science has its limitations?

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>equating unstable mostly undemocratic countries with majority muslim (easily radicalised) populations to a wealthy, stable continent that is either Christian or (more commonly) non-religious, non-practising Christian.
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Dawkins is hard at work undermining it

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