What is this wizardry?

What is this wizardry?

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Meme math

Zeta function regularization.


It's not what you think it is. The sum of all natural numbers DOES NOT converge to -1/12. It's something else.

Euler is the homie, don't ever shit-talk him again

sum of all natural numbers do NOT add up to -1/12 faget
it's a meme, just like you

Nah, fuck you and your reddit-tier numberphile horse shit

>entire disciplines of math can become pedestrian
this is why those guys burned down the library of Alexandria
because the wizards hoarded the magic to themselves

People spouting shit they don't even understand is far more annoying than them not knowing that stuff though

>i want the stupids to overthrow my jedi council society in the coming century: the post
god help you

I would press a button that kills all white people and ushers in the Caliphate if it means I don't have to listen to retards who spend hours a day on buzzfeed and leddit endlessly talking about mememath/science on par with 1+2+3...=-1/12

Arabs and Chineses are way better at math anyway
fucking do it for the good of mankind and the future

It's easy to confuse yourself with this shit but it's quite simple.

All that the ramanujan summation stuff, cutoff and zeta regularization does, is look at the smoothed curve at x = 0.
What sums usually do is to look at the value as x->inf.

It's just a unique value you can assign to a sum, really they have many such values.


Thank you for the clarification!

This is not Wizardry, this is Sorcery!

Here you go OP, I hope this explains it for you.


This tbqh famille

>it's something else
>not gonna tell you what it is though because fuck giving a proper response

It's infinity clearly. The sum of an infinite series is the limit of its partial sums.

>Arabs and Chineses are way better at math anyway

You can't possibly be serious.

>thinks chinese made significant contributions in math
>thinks iranians are arabs

This one is even better t.bh.