Shit your Professors do

>Professor says she's going to post an assignment over the weekend and it'll be due in class on Tuesday
>Monday morning and there's still nothing posted.

this isn't the first time this has happened either

Final exam paper has a [] where intersection should be (how are we supposed to know if its intersection or union). The welsh version of the paper was fine though...

Same lecturer just didn't tell us about an assignment at all. Fuck the statistics department.

>Six assignments across the semester
>receive no feedback on final 4 assignments until after the final exam

my lab professor had a really weird grading scale where homework/lab reports were worth more depending on if you turned them in late or not.

Fucking this.
In one of my courses, we've been given homework every week since the beginning of the semester. We have received the first two graded.

>first day of class
>professor has no syllabus
>asks us to write a paper (this is all he says)
>fast forward to 2 weeks before the end of the semester
>none of the students know any of the criteria for the paper, including length, subject, style etc.

Doesn't this just incentivize late turnins? The more often you're late, the fewer points you lose by being late.

as he put it, "If you think you're good at taking tests, don't do all of the labs"

At least he's up front about it, I guess, but that is a really weird way to de-penalize missing work.

But its still worth a big chunk of your grade

>Problem sets due throughout the semester
>Professor passes back every single one on the last day of class

I'd say it's better than "suggesting" problems and then not collecting them

Right, I had a prof who did that too. One's grade in the class was completely determined by one's grade on the final exam. Dropped that class.

I think they are trying to emphasize practical skills over book learning. Although, since I find labs a chore, I would've picked the second or last option.

How did it go for you on that task?

>biology class
>professor is a nerd
>While we're the subjectn he asks what fictional creature was a silicium-based life form
>nobody answers
>Nobody knows? Really?
>People watch each other
>I raise my hand
>Get +2 bonus out of 20 on the next short written test

We're surrounded by dumfuck Rihanna-fed robots.
Also, my face.

Isn't "silicon-based life form" a pretty common sci-fi thing?

>Students find out the professor's trigger topic that makes him go on hour long rants about shit not related to the lesson

If people bring this up they're cunts

Teachers who can barely speak English but are only there for their own research.

>not properly calling it a Xenomorph to avoid ambiguity
Star Trek had the Horta, too.

Maybe but Xenomorphs seemed like the most obvious answer.

Start Trek is meh, though.

I'd much rather do problems that are suggested than ones I do turn in. Instead of doing it in for the sake of my grade I'm doing it for the sale of my own benefit

My algebraic number theory professor covered a year and a half of graduate algebraic topology in one semester, and assumed knowledge of mathematics far beyond the stated prerequisites for the class. It was absurd. The only way one could have managed it and truly learned everyone was if it were one's only class, and one constantly studied the material exclusively.

went off on a tirade once about how he doesn't want to to become like those guys who post on message boards at 3AM at night.
Cut deep

Which should be the case you fucking stupid asshole kys

To be fair, no one wants to be like those guys.

I'm that instructor. I was supposed to be a TA for an intro to E&M class which is full of engineers, but the outspoken autists are mostly physics majors so they at least know the basics. Sometimes when no one asks assignment questions the physics majors would start asking >EXCUSE ME user HOW DO YOU QUANTIZE THE ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD
Then I go on this tirade about the photon annihilation/creation operators and Dirac monopoles/Aharonov-Bohm effect etc. that the engineers have no idea of. I then usually ended tutorials with "send me an email if you have any questions regarding the assignments", which led to more than half the class not attend my tutorials.

>hopeless lecturer
>shit english
>happens to be my personal tutor as well
>never available during self-stated office hours
>worst student feedback scores in department for past 4 years
>research is relateable to general public
>gets featured on big news sites e.g bbc very frequently
>practically indestructible

>professor gives out all assignments due at the beginning of the first class period and says get them in whenever

I know I should have the discipline to handle that on my own but I do better with deadlines no too far out, especially when it's an individual assignment

>professor doesn't show up half the time with no warning other than an email sent out 5 mins before class sometimes most of the time he won't even do that

Different guy

Both piss me off

>course has at least 8 practical activities required to even be able to do the exam
>professor organizes 2 practical activities in the whole semester

>book learning
an interesting term, originating from those
illitermonkeys who never opened a book

>Date of tests aren't on Syllabus
>Doesn't tell us when in class
>Requires us to buy scan-trons
>No exceptions for missing test
>My dad was in the hospital lel

The paper is due in 2ish weeks (again, I don't know when exactly it's due, since he hasn't said shit about it), so I guess we'll see what I can come up with.

The class is Differential Geometry, so if anyone has any ideas for paper topics, let me know.

>test in a week
>Professor says to email him questions while studying
>Replies after exam

I did ok on the last one but there were a few ugly questions on entropy

Ambiguous word problems on exams.

Motherfuckers! I got in to stem to avoid ambiguity and I get this shit. Fuck off, where's my absolutes?

Just fucking ask your professor like a normal human being.

My complaints about professors are mostly related to things not STEM, but I did have one who wouldn't accept any assignments submitted that were compressed into a .7z, told me to resubmit with .rar.

I dunno, I only ever meet them at the exams.

Who even gives a shit about Ayy Lmao?
It really wasn't that great beyond the first film.

Heh. When I took topological vector spaces, I showed up to class on the first day, and literally didn't show up to class a single other time. I just slipped in at the end of class on Friday, turned in my weekly problem set, retrieved my previous problem set, and left.

>Last day of class is yesterday
>Go to pick up test today at normal class time
>Professor not there
>no office hours

I am an instructor and I usually just make the tests, the day of the test.

>professor says to watch a movie for some shitty humanities class
>cant go into theater because of no singles policy
>fail test
Fucking hate humanities

Tannakian categories.

Cool, a crossover mame

Was the movie kino?

Stupid bitch was probably on the rag. She needs a good old traditional patriarchal raping.