Has any predator specialized in going for the balls?

Has any predator specialized in going for the balls?

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Jesus christ thats inhumane as fuck. Hyenas are the assholes of the animal kingdom.

The cougar?

>inhumane as fuck
>animal inherently un-human
>inhumane, opposite of humane, variant form of human

That gif is kind of gay desu

I know but jesus CHRIST >:O
Shouldn't they instinctively attack the throat or the leg or something ?

ur mom

the gov - it always has you by the balls

why? When you're fighting someone you instinctively go for the leg? What are you, a 12yo girl riding her fucking poney?

You go for where it hurts most.


You go where it kills.
If you attack any animals throat, you might have a chance to kill it. If you attack an animals balls, even if you rip them off they won't die and they will eat you alive, then they will go after your family and your loved ones.

go for my throat and see if you have time to do anything after your balls are crushed.

when is natural selection coming back ffs, we can't have trash like you pollute the gene pool when the aliens come.

Trust me pal, when the aliens come you're not gonna see any balls. You're just gonna see a massive head with two hellish eyes looking at you. And a throat thats pumping cyanish alien blood up to his massive brain. And the only way to survive will be to gore his throat up, which I will be doing easily. And you will be dead while looking for its green space nuts while he probes you and your entire family and turns you into one of his human-pets.

The hyenas got smart and realized that attacking the low hanging fruit expended less energy to bring down their prey then attacking the throat.

As long as they hunt in pairs or packs this seems to be an effective method.

aliens don't look like that though

They literally look the same as us, no question about it.

They might have similar anatomy but they definitely look more alien than human. You do't know shit earthcum

What makes you think that? We never ever seen one in the first place. Isn't it easier to assume they look like us?

>inb4 humans are so arrogant blabla
So what? This is our planet, we can be arrogant all we want.

LMAO you think by an astronomic chance, a biological being that evolved in different conditions, in a totally different planet with different everything is somehow going to look like humans ?
Thats the most unamerican thing I've ever heard in my life pal.

Yes. Mark my words, the first aliens we will make contact with us will look exactly like us.

vegans often say us humans are cruel

>muh astronomic chance

bruh, the fact us being here is an astronomic chance. It's not that crazy to think aliens look similar to us.

Bullshift. I bet you $14 that they will look like the stereotypical aliens we see in movies with huge heads and large beady eyes with thin bodies

>>aliens will look like humans
>what is the anthropic principle

Its most likely a female hyena. Their genders are pretty much reversed.

>implying women don't go for the balls

>I bet you $14
there is no wagering at Veeky Forums, Grandpa


Shut up fuccboi. U don kno shit abot ayyliens.
Watch some ancient alien. educate urself

>become ayylium's pet
>fuck his blue wife and cuck him
Now who's laughing?

Do parasites count?


Candirus go for the asshole or the uretra, not the balls.
Pacus, on the other hand...