Why does he dress like this? Is he actually autistic...

Why does he dress like this? Is he actually autistic? Why do physicists and mathematicians go out of their way to look autistic?

because otherwise no senpai would notice them.

because physicists and mathmatician are confident enough in their knowledge not to care about some random fashion rules.

why don't they just show up naked then

>this pretty much

Academics in general are a weird bunch. If you spend enough time in universities and labs you stop caring about fashion and trends and clothes and myspace

I miss academia...

>I miss academia...
Said nobody whoever spent a meaningful amount of time in it and moved on.

theyd get fired



no they are just clueless
Its more how you put it they are so wrapped up in another world they stop following the real world.


He got fired from MIT

But I suspect he wore funky colors to make physic lectures more fun

that's what all the kids are using

Unique minded individuals must dress uniquely

Because when you're busy doing lectures and shit all the time, fashion takes a back seat.

It's best to just have a bunch of clothes that look terrible than to make time to actually take care of yourself and find out what colors and patterns suit you best

Take your pedophile cartoons back to .

Why did he get fired?

This is the worst I've ever seen an academic dress.

sexual harassment case

He complimented a feminist

>Because when you're busy doing lectures and shit all the time, fashion takes a back seat.

No. He has to go out of his way to look that way.

Because he likes colours and has a difficult time expressing creativity in other ways

Oh shit

threatened female students with low marks unless they had personal conversations with him

>student struggling in class

>professor cares enough to try to force them to go to office hours

Goddamn it.

Because fuck if I know. Almost every person I met in STEM that wasn't a terrorist or a calculator with squinty eyes dressed like an aspie.

i can tell you from a phd student in the physics department, people dress like this to stand out because no one gives a fuck about their work so they need to make themselves stand out in some other way

I find it funny that they affect you so deeply.
Tickles me pink.

All the while they dress goofy as shit because they don't give a shit.
way more important things in life to worry about.

>what is tenure?

Tenure didn't save him from MIT cutting ties after a sexual harassment incident.

This explains a lot really

To maintain image, it's why all physics professors seem to dress like that

They believe that showing up with unkempt hair and a frumpy jacket gives off the impression that they're too busy with more important things to care so much about outward appearance and they think it makes them look like Einstein

that looks comfy as hell

>Why is fashionfag concerned with clothing?