WTF is this MEDSToken? I've received few MEDS in my MEW, the fuck? No idea what is this or where it came from

WTF is this MEDSToken? I've received few MEDS in my MEW, the fuck? No idea what is this or where it came from.


bmmp anyone knows?



I have no idea user

Creepy as fuck

I never even shared my mew address lol how they did find my address

Get that shit out of your wallet now man. It's a scam...kinda like a keylogger. It will log your passwords and shit then it sends it back to the address it's from

how incan remove it please help

Send to my address


ok what it helps then? you get keylogger???

Yea, I will pray the keyloggers away.

send it back to the address or here:
basically a waste wallet.

dont sign out of your wallet until you send it though or it will send the key back to sender

The old scam was SLOtoken.
Now its MEDStoken

probably the same guys doing it

Keyloggers are known scams OP. I will hand it it. Send to my address.

stupid if u can just send keylogger intk snyones mew wallet like this wtf

Someone got your address somehow man. Friend or something . Send to the waste wallet and figure out who's trying to scam u

The hack is called Short Address attack. Some tokens are vulnerable to it.

Holy shit op 1 is worth like 1.2 BTC

this happened to me before, just sent it to the waste wallet and havent had a problem since

Did you send this OP?

I just got MEDSToken from someone.

Maybe the OP is the scammer

wtf lol?

Waste wallet:

Send all your sketchy ass shit there. Don't be an ass and send it to others that's how this shit spreads lol unless you don't care lol

Does anyone else remember that JP Morgan Chase token? I knew that was sketchy but not in a bad way since I got it for free, but I didn't know erc20 tokens could be malicious. Should I dump my worthless JPMC?

List of malicious keylogging tokens so far identified on Veeky Forums:
Be sure to send them all to the waste address and NOT to innocent Ethereum users.

Sounds sketchy. Anything that randomly pops in my wallet goes to that waste wallet unless it's something like ETH or something I know. I ain't messing around with stuff I don't know. Too many scams


How do I find the contract address and decimals for jpmc?


how can I get rid of my bitcoin so I don't get the keyloggers?