ITT: ask a large crypto trader anything

ITT: ask a large crypto trader anything

I don’t take positions I just trade.

Ever notice that the price starts rapidly rising as soon as you want to buy a small cap altcoin? Yeah, that’s me.

Let’s say an altcoin is quoted $0.5 at $0.51 100 each size. You want to buy 5000. So you post out a bid, paying $0.51 for 5000. You get filled in your initial 100, but then have to pay higher to get more. Fine you think, you’re willing to pay up to 0.55 or so.

Suddenly, someone else starts buying, taking all the liquidity up to 0.55. Now the market is quoted 0.55/0.56. You post a bid paying 0.56 for your remaining 0.49. You only get 100 again, and someone else (me) buys it up to 0.6

At this stage, I have bought about 2000 at an average price of 0.53 or so and am ready to sell to you. I put out an offer at 0.6, and you buy it.

I made some money because you had to pay a higher price. I do the same when there are sellers where possible. (Shorting not possible usually)

Pic related, a coin I’m active in.


Every time you make a trade, I take a small cut of the profits.

Sorry. I only bought LINK and Moria at ICO price. So I doubt it.

How many monitors you have and do you code(algo bots)

Two monitors. Yes I code, would be impossible otherwise.

Sure little bud.

I made 100k last year and I started in October.

My gains will increase hugely as my capital base grows.

is it true that there is a bogbot designed for every human trader on binance?

Kek, my company makes markets on various bitcoin exchange. When ever you make a trade we take a small cut of your profit.


>he bought
>dump it
>he sold
>pump it

Why tip us off not to buy link? Its been desd all week.

You must be trying to fud.
Guess it's mooning soon.
Then other bots will join

>I don’t take positions
Bullshit, you get on all 4s and your knees everyday



>I made 100k last year and I started in October.
Literally everybody else did too you massive faggot. Q4 was a good Q

Do you use any TA?

are you into BTC/USD at GDAX?

Except I don’t take positions. You are at the whim of the market: if it goes up, you win, if it goes down, you lose. I am making money from you whether the market goes up or down

>I am making money from you

No I only trade illiquid stuff.

>mfw market order bullshit
I only accidentally limit orders at GDAX, uberlarper

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