Wagecuck stories

>tfw being lonely and isolated made you a social cripple
>finish degree
>get decent paying job in my field
>everyone at office is friends and have insider jokes
>they try to involve me
>never had friends during crucial growing time
>don't know how to socially interact
>no bantz
>socially akward af
>they feel it
>slowly they start excluding me since I'm a weirdo
>now socially isolated at work
>tfw no matter how much I try I will never get a promotion due to akwardness

how do I escape this cycle

Stop being a pussy ass autistic money skeleton bitch? Have drinks with co-workers and talk about current events or news around the office? How is this hard

you made your hell now lie in it

go to /adv/ if you want serious answers

Namefag get out

I have never been invited. it takes time until you reach that amount of friendship but I never got that far. they are always having witty remarks and shit and they expect a witty reply but all they get from me is a maybe a smile or hehe.

I fume everytime after that but then I never learned how to banter..

start working out, you cuck

I didn't make it. some people are just born this way I guess. I tried hard to make friends at uni but no one wanted to be my friend. the awkwardness pushes everyone away.

at this point I am thinking I should go full autistic at work..

how does that help?

Just become a loveable weirdo.
They'll use you for jokes but at least like having you around.

Do you have the doublemint Mike pasta by any chance?

You mean this?

>get what i think is a comfy city job at 20 yo for like 15/hr
>nothing but boomer who have been working there for 20 years there
>want to work like absolute dogs everyday
>start bullying my boomer co worker to learn to just chill
>one day i get fired because he said i was sleeping

I fucking hate old people they can't die off fast enough so we can move on and live a lush libertarian utopia with basic income

>just born this way I guess
guessed wrong

you made your bed now roast in it

Talk to people as much as possible. It's ok to be kinda awkward as long as you seem to be making an attempt.

>walk by someone

Say hi

>co workers going to a bar

Ask if you can tag along

Unless they're very cruel (not likely for most people regardless of what autists on Veeky Forums claim) they'll let you socialize with them. With practice you'll be less awkward.

Good luck user.

maybe that's the solution for me
I'm never going to make it in the private sector long term
time to look for a gubberment jerb

Find a way to work from home. Also, fuck normies and fuck extroverts.

Just go to work, do your job, and dont be scared to speak if you need something done. Socializing isn't something that should be forced. Don't be afraid to be alone, anyone that comments on your loner status is beta. That is the literal definition of beta, they need a group to cling to. If you are alpha enough the group will form around you. If a chad is quiet he is the strong silent type. Start lifting.

That's the one.

time to move on to better things op

>caring about being friends with wagies
We're your friends user you don't need anyone else

Fuck this world, you will die anyway. You might as well die a weird loner. And fuck people in general, im not giving 2cents what anyone thinks of me. Competition and rivalry is very real and the strong eat the weak. This is stuff no one can change so you can internally quit this whole shit anyway.

There were billions of people on this planet literally worse off than you with horrible fates you cannot imagine in your darkest nightmares.

>Work hard, have over twice the tickets closed of my coworkers

>Don't get promotion because I don't go to happy hour and listen to them bitch about wanting to find a house with a wine cellar

>Boss openly tells me that my work is good but I wont go anywhere in the company if I don't socialize

Fuck this, I'm putting in my two weeks tomorrow.

No you don't have to reach a certain level before going for drinks you have to go for drinks before you even begin to start. You obviously fucked it to the point where you didn't get invited. You have to get in early. Maybe suggest the pub yourself how about that?

I'm 20 and I was in the same position as you up until a month ago (I sold my terrain and quit the job). YOU WON'T GET ANYWHERE AT THIS JOB WITHOUT SOCIALIZING BECAUSE NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE LOW LEVEL WORK YOU DO YOU FUCKING MONGOLOID

Just do your work and start searching for a more autistic suitable work

just have a sip of wine or drink a beer before you talk to them