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zoom in.

Muh mooon
Muh lamboooo

About to bounce off a signicant support level (mid-late dec). ADA reaches andromeda in 1 month

you make me laugh

I've been watching it for the last few days and it was heart breaking to see every rally attempt eaten out by the descending sell walls. I was just about to lose hope last night at 2500

yeah, walls are down now

Carlambo time



+9.10% buy buy buy

You're baiting, but it's honestly not a bad point to get in at seeing how much it had tanked recently, I expect it to start rising in value a lot as things will fall into place soon, with all the big deadlines being planned in Q2. People have been fudding a lot, but we might be witnessing something special that is just starting.

We just reached november bottom. This is entry point, it's now or never. See you guys at Kuiper belt

early december*

I'm so confused. I just bought 2k of this shitcoin about 2 hours ago, as all the Veeky Forums fud was making me suspicious. Saw that slight double bottom, MACD flipped and I decided it was probably cheap as it would ever be - hold it til the PoS comes out and flip it at $1 again. Next minute, it's off to the races.

I'd FOMO in more, but I'm just worried that I seem to have made an awesome trade. I don't want to tempt the bogs. I dunno, what's the price target on this shitcoin? $1 again is obviously achievable. Say $10 by EOY?

I mean it really IS a vaporware shitcoin IMO. The Veeky Forums fud is correct. Ah well, once again doing the opposite of Veeky Forums pays off.

l just added 10% more of my BTC holdings in. FOMO too strong

might as well buy ICX now while you're at it

It's about the farthest project from vaporware, which seems to buy why some people have fun with that meme.

If you want a truly realistic EOY estimate, it will be in the dollar range, probably between 3 and 10 dollars. But you need to realize that the vast majority of tokens and coins that claim they'll be worth $1000 EOY will actually be in the negative by then, so this is one of the few good projects.

Maybe we'll have a pleasant surprise and it will be worth more, we'll see. The goals are very ambitious, it's essentially trying to replace both Bitcoin and Eth.


Kek, nice. Let's see how it goes at 3k sats - hopefully just punches through, with a nice little retracement to grab some more perhaps. Is there an announcement or something that just happened? Or did someone simply finish accumulating?

Am I the only one who thinks this shit should be priced below 200 sats?

Maybe, maybe not. I think BTC should be worth under $10, so people have all kinds of opinions.

lt's over lads

Ah - no thanks. ADA gave me "it's shit, but with pump potential vibes". ICX - not so much. Least not yet. I mean, if I have some spare sats and the memelines look right I'll jump but not right now.

Theres a nice update on YouTube where Staking and Delegating is explained some more. Watch it and you'll be confinced that you need ADA in your portfolio.

Kek it's the exact opposite

The whole point of ICX for me was to flip it for more ADA. So I did but the icx pump wasn't what I was expecting sadly

If you actually think this is going 32x by the end of the year you are a fucking lunatic. That would make a 250+ billion market cap.

Yeah, I'm not too impressed when there's not so much as a working Linux wallet. I don't doubt that the team are talented coders - but academics aren't businessmen. Haskell as a smart contract language? I'll be happy (coder here, and burgeoning Dapp dev) - but uptake will be low IMO. And at the end of the day there's no product yet. Until a product drops, it's just one more unfulfilled promise.

Meh, looks like I'm a holder now anyway kek. Hopefully I'm wrong!

Haskell is only for a part of the project.

Far from it. Do you expect it to just keep rising in a straight line all the time? This isn't Bitcoin, don't obsess on the hour to hour.

Considering its goals, it has the potential, but it wouldn't hold my breath for it either since it would be extremely optimistic. Still, we'll see, I expect it to be a nice return in any case.

Marketcap is a meme. Let me enlighten you user:

If I sell 1 Turtlecoin on Tradesatoshi for 1 BTC for some retarded reason, you know what CMC will say the marketcap on Turtlecoin is? Like 20 Trillion. Why? Because all it is, is last price x supply. Now, did 20 Trillion magically enter the market? No? Hmmmmm.

And cryptos aren't stocks. They're a totally seperate asset class. And currencies don't have Marketcap. So, as always, the only determining factor on price is what people wish to pay.

Last year I bought XRP at 19c, sold at 3. And I was kicking myself - I'd kept meaning to grab it much lower, didn't get around to it. No reason ADA can't end up doing the same thing, it's still less of a shitcoin than XRP.

Cardano will run IELE. Any language, not just Plutus will be supported. I expect Solidity will be supported as it has become de facto the JavaScript of DApps


You fuckers won't know what hit you EYO

Sure looked like it was pretty central. The example on the site looks pretty similar - if it's not technically Haskell, the way Solidity is technically not Javascript with types & structs - still close enough.

But I haven't done a deep dive yet. We'll see.

This shit gonna explode

Charles confirmed that Ethereum Applications will be portable to Cardano

......Ok. I stand corrected. I missed that part. So....I can just recompile my Solidity Dapps when the time comes to port over, and potentially even support both platforms. That's actually pretty cool, so long as they ship. I might have to grab some more of this, if that was just the bottom.

Was there some announcement I'm not seeing that might have caused a bounce? Looking, all I see is a wallet update.

>when there's not so much as a working Linux wallet.
I've been running the wallet o. Linux for a month now, works perfectly. You just need to compile it yourself which takes 10 minutes to figure out. Binaries will be available soon.

Good luck investing in your 8 billion dollar vaporware while I get rich off of shitcoins that will easily 20x

on Linux*

Should I fomo in now?

Yeah, but it's not for my benefit. It's for the normies and non-coders.

Let's just say that I've been in cryptos long enough to be VERY skeptical of vaporware. There's things here I normally consider red flags. But hey, I'm holding now anyways, lets find out!

Explode my ass, this is another pump and dump, update didn't bring anything substantial.

It will bleed to at least 2200ish.

I agree but its okay that Linux wallet isn't priority right now.

>significant support level