How to I tell my girlfriend that I have money?

How to I tell my girlfriend that I have money?

Why would you?

Also I should probably let you know my situation:

I'm in college, about to graduate, make a solid 65k last year dropshipping and I'm on track to do nearly 6 figures this year, outside of any career I'd enter after university.

I want to move out of the country but I don't know how to ask her to go with me unless I tell her EXACTLY how much I make. We've been together all through college since junior year of high school. I've never been specific about my wealth, and all she knows is I can afford my rent and to buy her dinner. I also live WAY below my means.

What do I do?

Show don't tell. It's more attractive. Never act like money is an issue. So don't look at the price on the bill. If you go shopping don't look at the price tag. Buy random shit off the internet.

that would be a fucking horrible idea man

In that case just tell her to come with you and if she asks about money just smile and tell her to not worry about it you already have an apartment.

"Come with me, lol"

what and for whom?

Why would you have you tell her how much you make for that? Just tell her your plan for your lifestyle, and offer to buy her a plane ticket home as far out as you can, and tell her she can reschedule it and go home anytime she likes (but you hope she doesn't)

Definitely don't make here want to stay with you *because* of your wealth

user. Do you trust her? Having reservations like this tells me you have doubts about her.

Ask her about moving. If she starts talking about finances, talk about it. There's a chance that she won't ask and will believe you on the basis of your former monied behavior and the mere balls of making that statement.

Perhaps telling her how much you will make her less likely to go? Adventure is usually more important than money for young people.

Don't tell her anything, talk to her about moving abroad and feel her out - maybe she will love the idea or maybe its something you both decide would be good a couple of years down the line. How much $ you have shouldn't have anything to do with it.

All she needs to know is that you're comfortable and able to buy dinner, pay bills/rent, etc. If it comes up be vague and say you're ok, but DON'T give her details.

Why would anyone assume their partner would back them? Not everyone has to be happy with every persons decision.

What kind of mindset are you coming from?

Act like you are poor, but don't be a super dick about it.

My wife didn't know how much I made until we filed jointly. Her attitude changed after, I wish she was still in the dark.

we filed separate the first 3 years. She was with me when I really was broke, and she assumed not much changed.

He's been with her from what it appears for quite a few years now. Keeping anything a secret no matter what, is not good for a relationship.

My point is. After being with her for so long, why keep this a secret?

The best way to tell your current girlfriend you have money is to buy a new girlfriend.

so when she inevitably starts getting wandering eyes youre able to see her true character and intentions toward you without 'muh stability' getting in the way. don't lie to her but don't give the full story either

Dont you will lose it all cuck soyboy

This man woman thing is not supposed to work - make kids, raise them for a couple of years, move on and repeat.

Also 65k a year is not that much, just continue living below your means and put it into crypto based on /biz's amazing advice - when you buy a lambo in a year she will know.

If you trust her you should tell her you have the money to cover such a move. You don't have to divulge the exact amount be reassuring her of the security of the situation seems prudent. You wouldn't expect someone to just move away from their friends and family without at least knowing they'll be better off their than they are *here*.

Maybe consult her on potential places to move she'll feel better about it if she has some say. Just steer her to the one you want. (research a couple of places you want before hand then present them as definitive or best locations to move)

But don't spend extravagantly, this might catch her attention and she will ask questions about where you got that amount of wealth.

>tfw no qt gf like pic related. why even live?

you get tired of them pretty quick user. i guarantee that if you accidented into a relationship with a girl like and you didn't fuck it up, you'd be looking for an out within 6 months.

Don t. Idiot

you guys are in college together... and she was your highschool gf.

she's already fucking someone else...

>make a solid 65k last year dropshipping and I'm on track to do nearly 6 figures this year

Stopped reading after this.

Wait, do Americans not disclose how much they're worth to their partners before they get married or something? A girl will usually know how much I'm worth by the end of the second date, just through general conversation.

you dont, just buy her something shiny if shes worth it

talking about how much money you have, especially early is a huge turn off it makes you look desperate

I do . I run my families business and am just upfront about sometimes making a decent living and other times having to strap in for a month or two. Also for as much shit as feminism gets , it has lead me to an interesting discovery. In order to fight the patriarchy even if they know I can pay for lunch , they will 75% of the time pay for it due to wanting to feel on equal footing to a "successful"(I am not) male kek.

How did her attitude change? What was different between you after that? How much are you making?

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You need to take the redpill
If you won't, get ready to lose your hard earned money over this bitch

>How to I tell my girlfriend that I have money?
you dont "tell" her, youre supposed to project wealth, dress fancy, expensive haircut, lavish her with gifts and dinners etc... Im assuming youre a cuck looking for a sugar baby, but my advice to you would be to always be thrifty regardless of how much money you have

Yeah but you'd be having some mad pussy in the meantime. I mean, I'd fuck that til she's red and raw, fuckin hell

You don't ever say how much money you really have. You do this because you care. You need to have a stash of Monero as a rainy day fund that nobody knows about. You always have to hedge your bets. You tell her about your fuck you money but you keep a few fuck you's to yourself for the memes

make a giant dildo out of $100 bills.

why would you do that. wait until she shows her true colors and then dump her. then let her know you are loaded, just like that story on reddit

Just dump her, you clearly hate women anyway. Pay for whores instead, isn't that what your type does?

You don’t. /thread

buy an apparment, put in on rent.. tell her that is enough to make a living in another country, and live well and sounding for a long time.. never tell how much you are making, just put a random number there like 4k a month or something like that..
she will never suspect you have way more of what you have, and wont bring up the money in the future


I told my wife how much money I made off of bitcoin and within 6 months we were divorced and she had over half. And the kids. And the house.

I don't care how much you love this woman. DON'T. DO IT. This bitch will stop you from /lambo/ if you let her.

Stay where you're at, live way under your means for a few more years.

You don't.

She already assumes you do since she wants to be with you and the only goal is for you to find that sweet spot where you have just enough the two of you so to her it makes it look like you aren't being cheap but never spend a lot to make her think you have more than you do and aren't spending it on her.

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Dumbfag....go ahead and show her your bank statement. You’ll be broke before your next blowjob

You don't. It sounds needy.

You don't

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Tell her to get pregnant.
When she complains about affording it,
tell her you got it covered.

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seriously dont. if women know up front you are loaded you will never be able to tell if they love you for you or its about your money. its best they stay in the dark on your finances.

oh and one more thing, never get a paper bank statement in the mail. she could check this and find out your holdings. always opt out of bank statements or just go digital. good luck op but just know that money changes everyone and especially women.

What if you need to rely on your money to get a sexy wife though? Like I could pull a 6/10 just being me, but I could pull a 9/10 if she knew my wealth, is it worth it?

net or gross?

You don't. Really, is this.. a serious question? I expect more of Veeky Forums posters.

literally not worth it user

this. I dated a girl waaay out of my league (a legit 9/10) and I got sick of her shit after about that much time.

Because I didn't think i'd ever get a girl that hot again, I put up with her bullshit for multiple years afterward. Wish I could undo that mistake, as it was wasted time.

For every hot girl you see, there's a guy somewhere that's tired of her bullshit.

ask her for ass to mouth in exchange for $1000, if she ask why tell her that you have money