OMG I cant believe I won ! good job WTC team !
Kek.. always fade biz.

WTC $1000 EOY



alibaba partnership announcement before the 8th

unkillable coin

I want 2 win but sadly im not a wtc team member. fml

Don't fail me Mr. Walton! I believe in you, senpai!

I think WTC is a really strong coin. It is going to go to the moon!

You are right user. They have a great team! I also think people should buy.

You two people are right. WaltonChain 4ever!

I think I found my home here. Love you all, Waltonites! Great community!

I love walton team too!! They are so hardworking.
Go waltonians! To the moon!!!

300$ eoy minimum

Where is Alibaba rumor coming from?

alibaba! yes its super confirmed!


do not worry. walton team is doing great job! big announcement coming soon...very big deal. must be careful to announce

Unironically more appealing than their actual logo

To the moon friend!!!

unironically lost $1000 on this fucker

>lost $1000

I gained $350,000 on it lmao