So I licensed GunBot and am reselling for 95% off . Why? Because that’s what a Veeky Forums bro does. Check it out...

So I licensed GunBot and am reselling for 95% off . Why? Because that’s what a Veeky Forums bro does. Check it out, I’ve started earning 5% daily on using it on Binance.

GunBot is in this box

Other urls found in this thread: will be live next week

this nigger again

I’m a different nigger reselling an actual bot.

>Check it out, I’ve started earning 5% daily on using it on Binance.
nice, just started with 100k and became a trillionaire in a year


First link is broken


daily reminder that OP is a pajeet shilling his bot using multiple IPs using VPNs or other IP-changing tricks

Don't fall for it.

im interested in bots but nocunt here ever spills the beans about how to get into them

thanks, just reported 100k

From me , or pay full price at

Op. Post it for free and Ill add my code to it.


questions since i finally have some botfags on the line...

1. what is the mimimum amount for each trade to be able to make money using binance? i think trade price there is .002 sats
2. do you use multiple exchanges, or just one?
2a) can you make money using just one exchange?
3. does the bot automatically change doctrine/strategy as the market changes?
4. ive seen people on youtube saying theyre making 10-20% daily. are they definitely lying?
5. please provide a link to a brainlets guide to algos. so much info on algo trading is scam-tier garbage and i dont want to get burned
6. does this bot include an easy to understand readme file?

also what are the best currency pairs for algos

1. Personally 0.01 min
2. I use Binance and Bittrex
3. Definitely, especially on Binance if you know what you’re doing
4. Yes they’re lying , I’m making around 5% daily . 10% very rarely
5. I have to get back to you on that
6. Yes there is a how to guide included, as well as newbie tips and support info

sheeeeeeeit youre convincing me user. i really need proper n00b tips which is why im interested. i was hoping to have an algo bot running by mid year after researching a bit on it. how much for bot? support info includes a way to contact you for help should i need it?

also, is about $800USD enough to start trading?

do i need to configure the bot before every session?

$30 flat. If you need any support and tips , I’ll be glad to help! my email is in the box or contact me on telegram @gainss

also want to limit exposure so $1000AUD (800USD) is the most im willing to put on the line until im more confident. i fear getting wiped out in milliseconds

for $30 we can definitely talk business.

nice screen pic OP, it's the same one that the faggot who had the "10 copies only" scam used - which means you're that same dickhead, and i can prove it.

$800 is definitely enough to get started and turning a profit right away. The cool thing about GunBot is it saves your configuration after every session

Archive me then , bro . It’s a generic photo

Is it poop-powered?

get it?
because you are a smelly pajeet?

get the fuck out of here you fucking retarded scammer.

you're an absolute fucking idiot you know that?

some confirmation OP is a scammer: will be live next week

This dude sold his own bot. Nothing like mine. Same pic tho

If you started with 1$ and made 5% daily for a year, you would end up with $5.4m

I.e no, you are not making 5% daily

up to 5%. I’ll come back in a year and let you know what I’m doing with my 5.4ml

why is it so goddamn hard to not get cucked in the bot market. still considering pulling the trigger on this since i figure its worth the risk but fuckkkkkkkkkk i dont even want to get micro-JUSTed out of 30 bucks

I’ll help.

Basically anyone who tries selling you a “trading bot” is a scammer. If you really made a profitable trading bot you would just want to keep it, not give it away

It’s worth it imo. You figure the full price for a license starts around $400. Which is outrageous. $30 isn’t bad , plus you get access to their support as well , not only me

I didn’t make this bot. This is GunBot , one of the most popular bots if you know anything...

im comfortable with an actual GunBot, if thats what it is. but i guess i have no way of confirming if thats what it actually is. from what i understand, the more people that use the same script, the less effective the bot is but i think with a GunBot you can change your configuration yourself, making it usable by many people. im such a newfaggot to algos though i have no clue what im doing.

how are you able to sell it? did you just copy their code and now you sell it yourself? what do you mean when you say you licensed it?

i dont even care if OP is a pajeet, if its an actual gunbot for $30 im interested. i just dont know how to confirm that it is

he can't answer that because he's scamming you, you fucking retarded mogoloid. How the fuck are you not convinced yet after this entire thread that this dude is obviously just scamming?

What I’m saying is I purchased/copied the licenses (which are all lifetime) and yeah I’m just reselling.

And with GunBot you can change the config yourself for it to be effective for you . You won’t be using the same script . Ive explained it all in the how to guide that’s included

I bought it to prove your a fucking scammer and WOW what a surprise, its a folder with two files - buy.txt and sell.txt. Fucking idiot. Enjoy your money.

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The last time I do anything for biz lol

i have my suspicions of course, anybody handing over BTC to some random cunt on a taiwanese basket-weaving forum is running a clear risk... but you should see the girls i fuck without a condom.

is that Frodo or Bilbo Baggins in that animated .gif

kek thanks for catching those bullets user... youre a peach.

Matthew 25:40
And the King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me.’

If 5% gains daily, does not need our $30. Nobody needed to prove anything... tx tho

Damn OP you're really dedicated. Replying to yourself on different IPs and everything.


>nothing to see here, just another normal thread where a nog is getting scammed by a pajeet