Did I make a mistake?

Did I make a mistake?

Probably, brave browser is shit

mobile is fine, desktop need some more GUI work...

Yes, wrong triangle OP

why doesn't brave block the ads on the bottom of Veeky Forums?

Yes wrong pyramid scheme OP

Get lost pajeet. No-one is going to buy Qcoin.

It does for me.

maybe your shields are set to Show Brave Ads instead of blocking all

Unless something completely unexpected happens, no. The way the advertising market is currently arranged google is powerless. The best they could do would be to adopt an in-house system that is similar. However, google is too large to make a 180 like that on such short notice.

Right now all efforts are on browser adoption by offering bounties on new users. Because the software works well, user retention should be high. User growth will geometric rather than linear. Once brave has captured ~%5 of the market advertisers will be beating down the doors to sign on.

The next phase will be publishers requiring micropayments in BAT for premium content. Think 2 or 3 cents to read that paywalled NYT article without ads.

BAT will then capture large parts of the TV advertising market as people switch from cable to prime, hulu, and netflix. SDKs for smart tv's allow all of them to offer ad supported services.

3 years. Screencap this

nope, nothing like this. it also shows some ads on other sites as well, even though I've blocked ads on settings. Prevents me from using this browser.

>pay 0.0000218 BAT to view this article with no ads!
How fucking dumb does that sound

About as dumb as all the sites that in fact do exactly that.

Any blockport bros here?

This point exactly.
>Looks like you're using ad blocker! Please disable and reload the site or pay our subscription fee to access this content!
>visit another site entirely
To think you BAT fags will think normies will adopt this when they cant even transfer funds correctly
>i sent muh usdt to coinbase wut happen?

you forgot the price of BAT is never intended to go above $1. So please pay .03Bat BAT isnt bad. Alternatively, start using mBat, for 1/1000 BAT

Blockport just copied CB's UI. For that reason, Im out. Check out AirSwap though, Im in on that one.

Exact opposite is true, mobile is unusably bad. Browser is functionally decent but doesn’t support any extensions. In summary, both Brave and BAT are tremendous piles of dogshit, par for the course in the crypto world.

Where does it say that?

Read the whitepaper. If you knew anything about this project you'd know this.

People aren't going to donate BAT if the price keeps going up. So Eich plans to make it stable in the future. $1 was what advisors and developer agreed on.

Skimmed it. Don't see it

>mfw $1 fud meme actually baits people into reading the whitepaper and realizing this project is incredible

>He doesn't use ungoogled chromium
Brave a shitty ass botnet firefox reskin that is incredibly slow. Nothing works. Uninstalled both those pos apps on desktop and mobile.

That's age old fud. But it kind of makes sense. There's no reason for bat to be worth gorillions. Eich isn't doing this to make neets rich, he's just trying to make a better advertising model.

I get that. I just thought we could get more than a 3x on this coin. Also, I assumed BAT would be divisible, like bitcoin

It's fud meme, sorry for the bait. I own around 25% BAT sitting /comfy/. I just find it funny. But this is a problem with ALL of currency cryptos. Noone is going to spend it ifs its going to go up in value.

it is divisible to the 18th decimal. ie 0.0000000000000000001

You got me...should've read the whitepaper more carefully.

Yes huge mistake. This project is beyond repair

Fucking lol. The real momentum hasn't even begun yet.

"Brave is a free and open-source web browser based on the Chromium web browser and its Blink engine"
Now you look stupid.

BAT will go on coinbase. The index fund adds credence to this. BAT was the second most stable crypto of 2017 and they just said they value that. $25 EOY

That's how you know he's a fucking liar. Probably a stinkly linky too. Or a PRL/ADSH holder. I feel sorry for people who are that retarded. Its like when you see an older parent with their 45 year old autistic son at the grocery store, and you just think to yourself "god bless her".

This shit always was the real moon mission. One of the few projects in crypto with an actual working product people will use.

I got into a bigass website on this board a month or so ago with a bunch of people who thought this coin was the way of the future. In practice paying people to watch ads has always been an awful transaction because both parties are trying to take money from one another, and if people wanted to be charitable to someone whose content they liked online they wouldn't be donating through a fucking browser.

Still, you may not have made a mistake, all it takes is one popular youtuber shilling this shit for their quick bucks and you can dump. In a market where attention is everything a 'content creator' coin could blow up easily, just don't expect it to be a longterm prospect.

How did I wind up typing website instead of fight what the hell

user, I’m a fucking chad. Hold this for the long term if you got a big dick. You see all of that FUD and pessimism? That’s little dick behavior. Act like you got a long snake between your legs and you might make it.