Can someone without pajeet tier shilling (aka LE CHAD owner xD) actually tell me why this is a good investment...

Can someone without pajeet tier shilling (aka LE CHAD owner xD) actually tell me why this is a good investment? I know that it has relatively small mcap with a potential huge upside and that they have IOT guy onboard, but I'm also aware that UN partnership thing is blown out of the proportion since p much any company can apply to it (similar like TRAC Walmart bullshit is going around). Also apparently few whales have been recommending it, but I'm not sure how that is relevant.

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you would be a moron not to be loading up on AMB right now. @welambonow on twitter had it number 1 on his power rankings last month and that guy is legit I will listen to his and other whale advice

I'm invested in the team. (Not the chad CEO)

>called out swissfaggot LARP from beginning
b-but muh portfolio savior, hedge fund manager insider

>called out endless PnD and bleeding
i-it's still a good price to buy in

>called out no partnerships after all that NDA expiration hype
t-they are just waiting for healthier market

>m-muh CHAD CEO

Now I'm going to make the next call, NO significant price action for this month again. I'll be watching in TG to watch you AMBlets start to turn on this Prometheus faggot in a few weeks.

i was gonna load up on amb but biz started shilling it so i knew it was gonna dip further

get 10k, ledger it up and wait for the masternodes

This is now a CHAD thread.

I have 1BTC and want to go all in. 2200 VEN or 22000 AMB?

>get 10k, ledger it up and wait for the masternodes
how do i go about setting up a masternode. never done that before on any coin

>2200 VEN or 22000 AMB?

Amber has more room to grow

Take a look at the top supply chain coins right now user. Now take a look at amb and do the math.

Their team is great, their whitepaper is great, their imminent partnerships are great (some 100+ and 30+ billion revenue companies under NDA). Why should it sit at such a low market cap? It might not become the single biggest supply chain coin but it is definitely undervalued and is bound to go up.

basic procedures should be in the lines of these.

are the 5k for masternode rumors true?

Amb is a great project and all, but sky is better, you could be invested in both or you could just be invested in sky, your life your rules, just hope you don't miss out

Sky is indeed a very promising project. Probably longer term

> (aka LE CHAD owner xD
honestly the shilling done here gives me more FUD than some of the arguments against it.

I don't like the token cycle system however. It makes more sense to me for the manufacterer to keep the tokens after as incentive for them adopting it.

>I don't like the token cycle system


They don't have any such thing going on.

There is no other coin out there with a team this solid, a low market cap, a low circulating supply, a below ICO entry price, master nodes, multi billion $ partnerships pending announcement, a great white paper, a universal use case, an EU jurisdiction, and an aggressive roadmap. It's the perfect storm for god-tier gains. $12 EOY. Fill your bags now or be a forever-poor.

ICO price was 30 cents but other than that I agree.

pretty much this

got 90k. will i make it?

Fuck off of course you will.

I'll probably need to hop on another moon mission though... Only 7k...

Also AMB has the best CEO in crypto.

One, AMB just released their public alpha on Feb 26th. You can start developing dApps now if you want. They also just released a demo video of their Crossroads browser for the network.

Two, I want you to go open CMC and look at the top 50 coins. How many of them have acquired their valuation based on the strength of their team or the concept behind them, rather than any sort of working product? (Hint: It’s most of them)

Keeping point two in mind, I want you to go look
at the amount of experience on the AMB team. Most of their developers have at least a decade of experience in their chosen fields. Not to mention that Parity, *the* name in blockchain development, led by a co-founder of ETH, is in a partnership with AMB.

Finally I just want to point out that according to their CEO AMB has some very large partnerships on the horizion.

Large British pharmaceutical company - There are basically only two big British pharma companies that would be worth mentioning. One is GlaxoSmithKline, one of the top-10 pharma companies in the world. The other is AstraZeneca. As far as I know, nobody has broken into the pharmaceutical markets yet, and the use cases are myriad.

Large Swiss Food Retailer - It's possible that this could very well be Nestle if you look at all of their talent that has come from Nestle R&D the past few years. I tend to think it's more likely to be something like Migros, which is not only Switzerland's largest food retailer, but also their largest retail company period.


Just get out now and into VEN you weak handed faggot. They have a 6k node now.

i think he means it's below ICO price in ETH value, which i think it is.

VEN has no whitepaper, no working product, no public team. Only "announcements". Read this and decide who you should trust.

In that sense he is correct.

Vlad Trifa (Pioneering inventor of IoT) is in fact one of the weakest members of the team. They are already almost a full month ahead of schedule with the release of the main net alpha a week ago.

Make of that what you will.

Also, Kimchi the Whale dropped hints everywhere yesterday that something big is going down this week.

shut up you meanie!!!! in 1 year exact, i will make a thread and call you out IF i would have made more money in ven. i'm sticking to amb for now you cuckfuck


You're a literal child. What are you doing with your daddy's money? Put it into safer investments like ETH before you lose everything you retard.

how the fuck am i going to make money in eth lmao are you retarded??? i dont need a 10% gain u fuckhead. I'm going big or down in the gutter. daddy don't mind

Hey you just mentioned in your own post 3 good reasons why to invest in this.
1) the team is not only Vlad Trifa but other experts too with ties and connection to big corporation
2)the only FUD you will find is about that UN partnership, nothing else , and the only ones blowing out of proportions are confirmed VEN shills
3)Market cap is low
so if you add working product + great team + Low MC + no big partnership announced YET you will see why some people are so excited about AMB.

In addition to that: A very carefully laden out cryptoeconomic model that will very likely include master nodes.

Pic related: Modum's kind of fucked from a securities law standpoint

stay poor you salty faggot

Aaaaaaand I'm all in

>no whitepaper
>insider trading
>CCK's borderline illegal shilling
>taking photos inside BMW dealership for hype
>believing that a EU/USA company would trust Chinese company to verify their product's authenticity

lol bruh

20k reporting in. Will I make it anons?

undervalued IMO, more people are learning about it because of memes so buy some quickly before it moons

25k reporting

10k reporting in. Excited for this one, we're going to make it.

yes, they have not announced it yet because they will comply with swiss laws and want to be airtight and conform.
Words of advice buy it now that is so fucking cheap or stay poor forever

That's enough right there for me to stay the fuck away.

Our bizraeli autists have also set up a meme factory channel quickly approaching the scale of the stinky linkies sweatshop

stay mad salty walty

AMB are releasing a blockchain-IoT platform. I work on some of their upcoming documents and it looks like they are planning release of a blockchain for IoT and will compete with IOTA. Given that they have Trifa, Wattenhofer, Sandoz, Wood and Meyer in their team they are a pretty strong contender. Compare marketcap of IOTA and AMB. Just purely on risk/upside balance, AMB is perfect. It is unlikely to go lower than it currently is while the upside potential is literally x50.

Let me guess, you fell for the
>you will all be millionaires!
fucking kek, what happened to those amb icx picks from le epic fund manager?

remember this post and come back in 3 months and read it just before you neck yourself for not buying in early.

if there ever was a buy signal
this is it

Will I make it with 5k?

VeChain literally does everything this coin does and more. why the hell would anyone buy into this meme lol

Does what? They have no demonstration of their product, they havent released anything.



They are the most professional team in crypto Ive ever seen. I really dont understand why so many fall for these chink vaporware coins.

Here's some decent FUD

They have a great team and a great plan but their token is worthless.

Literally why do they need a token

They have to integrate the token within their product by law in Switzerland. This is why there will be masternodes.

its not a Chinese piece of shit

If you take Versetti's word at face value (which you shouldn't do with anyone ever), the team owns tokens and want to create a GAS staking system to charge Food&Pharm companies for services. They're counting on consistent appreciation in the value of the Amber blockchain to eventually profit from their enterprise.

The ERC-20 token will eventually be swapped for Ambrosia coins

> They have no demonstration of their product



Am I gonna make it?

>mfw when AMBlets were saying this back in january
Remember this post and come back at end of month like I called it

You will make it with GVT alone

the mental gymnastics AMBlets require to keep holding a bleeding shitcoin

TFW I sold 100GVT at 6 dollars.

oh, i am laffin. AMB jet boosters start filling end of the month, after that, its on its way to the moon.
we finna be usin the hubble telescope to see you sat in yo mommas basement all the way from space an shit lmaoooooo

Thanks man, hopefully your right. I've considered selling Nano and OMG to go completely split 50/50 on GVT and AMB, but I dont know if I have the balls to get that specific to 2 projects.

Ouch! I'm sorry to hear that. Always time to buy in if this thing takes off as expected.

imagine being you , lurking telegrams and then shitposting on biz spreading hate , i bet you also hold TRX

10k amb sitting comfy, lost the ven train but you boys def dont wanna miss this one

congrats, you just sold 940k for 600 dollars. 2021 price of gvt = 94 THOUSAND BITCH. REDDIT DID THE MATH

imagine being you, desperately holding onto a random user's LARP who actually pretends he is bringing fire to mortals. believing fairy tales like "you will all be millionaires" and "2018 institutional money will buy all your bags at 10x" kek i guess that is youth

seems like youre not that into maths huh?


LOL, beat me to it.

who hurt you, man? why are you so salty?
why don't you write in the telegram instead of spergin here?

>mfw only one who is rational to see through this obvious LARP and shill
kek i wont risk prometheus fanbois raging and trying to ban me. cant miss the show. ill definitely post when you all inevitably turn on your master though

this is you version
reality is you are manlet and hate on a good project because of your jealous ass

>the mental gymnastics AMBlets require to keep holding a bleeding shitcoin
Said every REQ fudder when it was 6 cents. REQ pumped to 1 dollar ATH.

i can tell you are nu-Veeky Forums as you probably did not even do any research yourself and only follow "insiders" on Veeky Forums.and their sell points whatever strategy you have to make gains this year is what everybody else is using too. stay poor

The fact that they implemented KYC during the token sale fucken disproves any pnd fud, and the team speaks for it self. There's a lot of competition in the supply chain cryptos, but if amb can secure some partnerships then theres no reason some money cant be made.

here we go
>you are new
I bet being on biz since 2017 is your greatest life achievement lmao

stfu faggot no fud will convince me to sell my amb bags ive made that mistake enough times in the past and missed out on many a moon mission

stick it up urs nonce

Should I trade my only BTC for 20k AMB?

who knows man. btc could go on a big run and tank alts before its alt season.

How about you fucking read a whitepaper and investigate the team and consider their competitors once in your life and dyor instead of relying on information give on a vegetarian couscous restaurant.

Biz is OK for laughs, brap posting and occasionally seeing some project you never heard of that you can then research further on your own, but it's NOT good for figuring out what you is good to invest in or not.



Nah, nobody will ban you because you haven't provided one good reason why the project will fail.

>investing in chink coins after they moon
Bad idea

Have you seen the CEO post on Reddit? Professional lmao

As far as ERC20 tokens go, it's a great project. However, virtually all ERC20's tailored to specific things have a long way to go in order to get mass adopted.