When do I KMS?
I _just_ applied for a 5k loan go stack up on AMB before they announce masternode requirements. I Will get 10k AMB and then possibly LINK om rest.

May kek have mercy

thats just 1 month's salary, no biggie

Lose 5k in 2 weeks with 1 simple trick

This is when true men are made. Men that can look at a crash stoically and hodl through it. Men that see opportunity when others see a crash. Weak men see chaos and destruction, strong men see a chance to shape their future from the ashes.

Before you do that, tell me why you think AMB is a good investment.

>taking out a loan for crypto

Not the wisest move bucko



It's been shilled enough on here. DYOR.

I can afford it. Got a full-time wagecuck job that pays okay, and I see AMB as My opportunity to get in early on something.

LINK for term hold.

>It's been shilled enough on here. DYOR.
I have. I'm trying to help you from making a big mistake, moron. Have you read the white paper? Have you researched each team member beyond their linkedin page? Have you estimated the actual value of their UN "partnership"? Or have you relied on Veeky Forums shilling because you're a despondent poor piece of shit that's too stupid to even defend a simple investment decision.

It has Chad CEO tho

>I can afford it
Was gonna say getting a loan is a bad idea for crypto. If you can easily afford repayments probably isn't the worst idea though. Good luck.

I literally went from over 200k to 90k and you fagots are crying over this
holy fuck

Fuck me
I cashed out my total investment of 2k€ at the peak (24k$).
Should've cashed out all temporarily. My family told me to cash out that money when they heard about it for the first time at that time (they would've said the same at 5k profit)
But they can't shut up about it ffs.

why is your family giving portfolio advice? the one that couldn't shut up is you

They asked me to withdraw that what I invested because my parents can still see in my bank account. They don't want me to invest it in something they don't know, and they say I need to save my money to move out (I am trying atm) they basically don't want me to spend some of my saved money on stuff they don't believe in anyway as long as I still live with them at least (understandable). They're against investing anyways because they got fucked in 2008 though.

Eh it's all basically free money anyway

This is my reasoning as well.
If my roastie friends can take loans for going on fucking trips and buying cars right and left, I can take a small-ish loan to maximize my opportunity and knowledge while crypto still is relatively young.

Wish me luck, pal

It’s actually a totally fine idea. It’s no different than raising capital

Are there companies that loan crypto

if you're young, no dependants and living with parents that shit don't matter. your credit score is good for it and if it all goes to shit you can make the money back in no time working 40-48hr wks at crappy jobs. if it goes well you don't have to work again. well worth the risk.

Violently JUSTed

>everyone has more money than me
Feels poor, man :(