man, the angry nintendo nerd is in bad shape


thanks just sold 100k

is there soy in shit?

hey, it's me!

Fuck off Dan

Holyshit is that really him?

this is mid talking, not posing like a faggot for a picture

also mcafee is the opposite of a soy boy m8

>get away with murdering your neighbour


Absolutely disgusting.

Nah it's the ethereum classic faggot


Top soyweeb


lol it's like a boy band

don't you mean a soy band user


delet this please

>The ultimate crypto soyboy


He's clearly drinking milk tea, not soy.

>smiling mouth open face

Why do all soyboys do this?

I always imagine the idiots spamming soy and cuck shit are the epitome of low test weak chinned skinny fat or straight up obese pale skinned poorly bred mutts who go bald in their 20s and at no point in their lives are considered attractive to the opposite sex
Guess I'm not too far off most of the time
Still strange how they choose to view other people though

It's literally just banter, and the easiest way to expose those with thin skin

Like you lol

See you FUDers in December

t.soyboy cuckold

Its not banter though

amerilards cant into bantz

Tfw i started balding at 16