Improving your work ethic

literally how?


Just do work that requires less effort idiot

1. nofap
2. cardio

Diet. Seriously, just eat fucking healthy. Meat, Veg, Fruit. That's all. No artificial sugar. Might sound like a meme but it fucking works.

Excercise. Makes you feel great physically and mentally. Makes you look great. Gives you a sense of achievement.

After that, whatever "work" it is you need to do. Just fucking do it cunt.
There is no shortcut.
Even when you are tired and hating on life. That is when you need to do it the most.
Or die with regret.


Clean your room and eat lobsters

just be yourself

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/pol topic in /biz

that said.
1. cardio
2. diet meat, veggies, fruit
3. 8hrs sleep
4. go easy on the booze.

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(((work ethic)))

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you should still want a good work ethic for yourself.

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Yes goy, prepare to do plenty of unpaid overtime

>eat clean
>sleep 8 hours

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mindset and a greater calling
you literally have to think it for it to be real
to be honest i see myself as an extension of will, i am an embodiment of my idea and i see myself as an physical manifestation who will bring this idea to life. it is because of this that i do not see myself as having a choice, but rather a compulsion.

you just need to find the idea that is worth serving for you and its unique for everyone

Pomodoro method.

my man

He started to cry on reflection of the dire consequences that arose from the loss of faith in the idea of the individual in the 20th century.
That's a pretty fucking righteous thing to cry about matey. Undoubtedly better than what you last cried about.

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Meat is a meme

How did modafinil become such a big meme? It's nice but conventional stimulants are much better.

Spastic /pol/poster

Work ethic =/= wagecucking eagerly

Work ethic is discipline. It elevates all aspects of your life. To be undisciplined is to lose your humanity. Eating shit food, drinking lots of booze, and being sedentary, this lifestyle literally deforms people. They lose their shape and form.

Also OP you need to gain momentum. If you're a fat NEET you are literally starting from a complete stop. The beginning will be slow and awful and your body & habitual thinking will beg you to revert back to however you were. It took me multiple crashes back before I developed sustainable momentum.

I wish I was him

habit and discipline

Literally the opposite of my lifestyle. Hence I have a paper due at 08:30 and it's 02:52 and I just started.