Baahaha...just heard CCR say they don’t even have rough draft done on even one patent...

Baahaha...just heard CCR say they don’t even have rough draft done on even one patent. How long will you idiots keep falling for this joke?

Don’t worry, Borz is becoming less insecure about being deaf and now he is a blossoming flower willing to fucking talk about his “genius”.

It couldn't be more obvious this is a scam.

Borz photos

THis is bizarre. They’ve had months to get a marketing plan together, decide on fees etc etc and they’ve done nothing.

"heard CCR say they don’t even have rough draft done on even one patent"

Obviously. Now they string it along and post "previews" of the drafts, or whatever.

I'm done listing things, but now the cult will turn from blind believers into non-believers.

pulling out of this shit finally, what should i put it into

thank god i didnt bu this garbage

You have to feel really bad for "STATIC" owners who now have to vote again and their payments could be diluted with xfuel.

They are yet to see a single payment btw.

Some sad fud

How many red flags do you need you fucking idiot?

I just took 2 minutes to look up this coin and it lools legit to me. You just randomly say shit without any backup. I think I would rather believe all the people on bitcointalk than some random user from Veeky Forums.

They are selecting easy questions to answer now, ignoring anything about zoltchain...

>pulls out sone unknown coin out of his ass
>it's so shit guys! I definitely don't need your attention!
Just kill yourself you troglodyte jew

his whole shilling ass monologue with the sighing and the cultism was really intense
i feel spooked, he's definitely a psycho

This quote from CCR tells you everything. More of the same we are building they will come crap.

"We are not screwing around. This is not some kind of joke..... We are building something here" - CCR

i was one of the guys who shilled the fuck out of this on biz cause i really thought it was going to be great. i sold 2/3 of my stack (x5 which was x20 ath). i still have some hope for it but this will take a bit too much for me to keep holding it.

yea exactly
it's honestly over if that's what he has to say on the cusp of this long awaited patent pending

the new thing is NDAs now, kek

After reading your post I guess I'll sell too.

"Hmm sounds like he said community can fund the marketing campaign, and they will be paid back in xfuel"


Best part is he has no idea how easy NDAs are. Guy is so fucking out of his depth.

Still no talk about xfuel audits or how much xfuel he pays himself.

I for one actually liked the update! As for the 'slow' progress, that is the case for 90% of crypto

XBY will moon soon. And you will fomo in!

Delusional idiots. NDAs will add months onto everything now. This is the long scam. Make you wait while they bleed it out.

You know CCR created another bitcointalk thread. Read through the original one. There's plenty of unanswered criticism and legit questions amidst the cheerleading.

>light skin
thank FUCK