Help me do a $700k heist

I have access to 840 tons of quality copper every week. I can steal and sell 50 tons of it.
Help me find a way to transport it and I'll reward you guys somehow.
There is roads and train tracks close-by, I have access to forklifts that can lift 12 tons at once.
I'm serious.

Good job posting about it online. This will end well. Good luck.

just got off the phone with the fbi. gl op

Nigger tier shit. Enjoy living in a shitty failed state due to preponderance of people thinking like you

pay some indian kids on fiverr to do it for you

smuggle it in your asshole

Already stole 20 tons before.

Getting sick of your honeypots, Agent Wojakski.

Forklift on to a few semis and get the fuck out of there. Gonna need some trust worthy cohorts that can drive a trailer and a safe house.

2/10 LARP but I’ll bite of you tell me more about why you have accessories to it and how well surveilled the place is


Trucks can only take 20 tons at once.

I work at a company who produces copper to the majority of Europe. The place is well surveilled but I also run the surveillance as well as sales.

Congratulations on being a nigger

Oh, no problem, just tell me your name and where you live OP and I'll help

How much did you get for that 20 tons?

Just upload it to MEW and wait until it goes up in value, then sell on Binance.

>the place is well surveilled but I also run the surveillance as well as sales.
How convenient

Around $180k after transportation costs and handling.

Call the junkyards make a deal with them at half price and tell them to send their trucks.

I don't believe you. And let us say it is true. Why the fuck isn't that enough? You stole a quarter of a million dollars!

So.. where's the issue? Do what you did before again.

Because I've hidden away 50 tons of it and it'll be ruined soon because of corrosion

Only have access to one truck and each truck takes 20 tons at maximum



Have one of your shipments (((get lost)))

So what is stopping you from making three trips?

There is like a cooldown period and if the same guy comes twice then it'll notify another sales person and I'll be busted. There is a train track just beside the facillity but idk how to get a hold of a train

>incompetent and corrupt
you slavic per chance?

If the same guy comes twice in what period of time?

make sure you wear a white hardhat
I used to sneak into buildings all the time pretending to be an employee or worker
Its amazing how non confrontational people are at work if you just nod at them

Like 2 months.
99% of our shipments is with train and customers rarely buy more than 20 tons with trucks in a span of 3 months.

>stealing copper
Nigger, Pajeet or Mudslime confirmed.

nice just shorted copper futures

>selling stolen copper wire

Gypsy spotted

Dump trucks haul 25+ tons a piece... dump trailers 35+ tons a piece...

Can you get it on a boat for me and send it across the Atlantic?

How will the copper come, ingots, slugs, wire??

I mean like we can talk but I'm going to need a few specifics.

There are a few super projects here that have shit manufactured for them.
Know the right people, they supply metal to company to produce shit for them.

In what form is the copper? Ignots? Shrapnel? Solid ton blocks?

Your not giving much away here boy

wire, 5 ton coils.


sounds like you're trying to bust me lol.
less than 15mm, larger than 6mm.


Why would you want to steal more if you already have 50 tons that you can't sell?

That seems to be your problem - even if you take it there's no buyer

Sorry mate not trying to bust you.
Trying to find a buyer for this shit.

> Stealing copper
> Buying monopoly tokens

/Business and Finance/

Not of the wire, of the entire coil.

buy a container and fudge the bill of lading

i can set up a train with a broker friend of mine. would need to be off the books right opie?

100% snownigger

So two flat decks for a total of 20-22 tonnes of copper.

no idea, less than 1.5m total.

i have buyers, but no one wants to grab it directly where they are

probably also around 1.5m

Provide a map of the factory and surrounding areas and youve got a deal

I work for a bank and have access to shittons. Help me do anything that will net an early retirement.

Well then what do you want?

Fly me to your country for a week, i can drive. line up a truck and the buyer. I'll deliver no problem- pay me my cut and I'm out of the country before the crime is even noticed.

And diameter of the entire coil? Is it small enough to fit in the back of a pickup truck? Hilux, f250 etc?

How did you do it last time?

i have a very detailed map, but i wont post it here lol.
birds eye view as well as how it looks inside. i dont joke around

it would fit in a hilux, but i doubt that your suspension can take 5 tons.

got a truck, took 4 coils, drove 40hrs away and sold it with the truck.

Ok it’s sinple

Get yourself an Big fuck off pickup or a big fuck off van and load one coil a night in. Repeat until you have the all in safe storage then cut the wires into manageable chunks and sell them to scrap dealers for the rest of your life or until it runs out

Why not commit to the 700k Heist in one go op?

Either contact a local transportation and freight agency about the train possibility...
Or commit to the trucks coming at once and just bailing the next day... have buyers ready to pick up and pay the next day and you will be able to get the fuck out of the country with close to a mil in cash I assume. Sounds great to me, daring but that’s life man just go for it when other would only dream

>I also run the surveillance as well as sales.
It's gonna be pretty obvious to the people higher up who fucked them over when they start to realize 70 tons of copper is missing and no profits to show for it.

Are you really an investigator from a company who lost hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of copper and are lazily trying to crowd source an answer?

this would be my last heist so idc if they ask where it went. i'm the one who writes down all the numbers so no one else will double check it

Yes please user, send me the details like your name address target location social security number and private keys
[email protected]

sounds like a good sequel for the hurricane heist, the copper caper

Also 15mm of copper wire has a weight of approximately 1.56 kg/m

If a coil is 1.5 m high by 1.5 m diameter then that’s 10 circumferences, or 47 meters.

Your coil weighs 74kg


OP is a lying sack of shit

1.5m is 1500mm, so 100 circumferences

see those quads?
Godspeed user, you gonna make it

I’m mixing cm with mm, but still only gives you a 743 kg coil

There could be several layers, concentric cylinders instead of just one cylinder, 5 tons is definitely possible

>t. gypsie

>literally the biggest game of shitskin/mudslime criminals
>talks about 700k heist on a public (anonymous lol, as if) usbeki basket weaving forum about it
you are either very stupid, as a criminal, or a LARPing faggot...

where the fuck do you think you're going to store all that? where are you going to sell it without drawing attention?
go back to

Fucking retard, it's a coil, not a single loop of wire. Also, it's compressed.

ty senpai

u mad bro?





Where are you located op? Really interested.

Northern Europe

sounds like a good way to end up in jail. They will hunt you down

Hej min ven, hvordan har du det?

but I call LARP
you wouldn't risk driving a truck 40h straight in from Northern Europe. To much risk in case of almost certain regular pull over.

Can you rent a warehouse; make multiple trips to store as much as you can, and then sell it to someone else on the condition that they transport it?

fuckin v&

lol? more about this please

any chanse your in sweden? could help

I work heavy transport, metal is what we ship in.l and out, all god damn day. This is a nigger tier larp. Copper even right now with prices lower than peak is still watched out the ass whenever it comes in. Weve shipped barges full of copper 5k plus tonnes at a time and our customers hire third party inspectors who watch everyone like a fucking Nazi camp overlord. Not to mention our own bosses are up our asses in addition.

OP youre an idiot

how the fuck do you lose 50 tons of copper

OP could be a higher up, why do you assume he's a peon?


Melt it down and forge it into a giant copper dwarf statue, then something something something, and walla you have a huge fucking copper dwarf

can you post a picture of all the copper you have? Just to make sure you are not trolling

give us some more info about you

How is it a dwarf if it's big?

GTA V LARP, the thread.

>There is a train track just beside the facillity but idk how to get a hold of a train

build one out of copper

>Its amazing how non confrontational people are at work if you just nod at them

Just don't do an autistic arm wave and massive nodding fit ffs. Just a quick upper nod to acknowledge their existence is enough to put them at ease.

The accountants will

Get the nogs from St Louis to stage a protest. Smuggle copper into cars when they leave.


Looks like you're going to need that train, but I have no idea how to clear the line and hire a train, and noone on Veeky Forums will be able to help either. Would probably create a huge paper trail to, they'd just have to ask the railway where the theft train went. Honestly you're better off just taking a little at a time by truck.

Go clean your room user and quit larping it’s sad

Here is the simple answer that will inevitably bring up more questions:

>Do what you did last time x [amount of copper you want to steal/amount of copper you stole last time] times.

$700k not worth my time. i only do $100m+ jobs