Exact timeline of MT. GOX dumps

This fcker dumped 18K BTC and got us to 6K


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>sold near the bottom
And this faggot has 500k BTC ? Jesus some people are dumb

>what is liquidity

Where are these numbers coming from? Ive heard he has 160k left multiple times. If that's the case, he's already dumped 20% of what he had, this won't last too long if he keeps dumping at this rate.

Also why are people only figuring this out now? What happened?


sooo... what youre saying is TA fags have been wrong this entire time and are always wrong and dont know shit because this guy can move the entire market and no one should listen to TA fags ever again. that may be most useful lesson to take from all of this.

Anyone know the wallet(s) hes dumping from? Seems like EZ money to watch for movement from them to exchanges and shorting.

>I plan to consult with the court and determine further sale of BTC and BCC.

I'm not buying this whole mtgox selloff BS. This is some reddit tier detective work. We all know how that turns out

Coordinated fud

That's the reason TA is called "meme lines".
Because the whole market is being manipulated by a handful of people.


This is how Bitcoin dies, all that coin centralized in one place. You could decentralizes others, but not yourself.


>I'm not buying this whole mtgox selloff BS. This is some reddit tier detective work.


>watch wallet for activity
>as soon as it sells short with x100 leverage

this is the ticket to becoming a millionaire in 1 day

Somene in the comments said they have 165k left. Also, that they cashed out exactly as much as they owed some jap creditors. So I'm guessing them dumping won't be an issue anymore.

He didn't sell the bottom retard, he created the bottom

Thanks for the link fellow redditor ;)

What you no-TA brainlets fail to realize is it gives warning signs when your analysis is off and you can exit without getting as cucked as those who don't know important levels to watch.

>Meme lines give warning signs when a jap arbitrarily decides to market dump
This is you

I stand by what I said. I don't trust reddit detectives.

I’ve been learning TA for about 8 months now and I think this might be unironically true. TA is measuring horde psychology, not one japs whim to dump to repay creditors.

Now, can we say the same thing about alts?

yes because every alt has whales and even less players than btc

That’s what i thought, now what? Buy biz meme coins and try and get dubs?

BTC has under a 100 of real players.
Alts have hordes of bots, that buy and sell based on TA algos.


Good question. But he might be dumping from an exchange account

protip: he has not dumped during this cycle yet


this must be their exchange account

holy sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

bookmark and leverage 100x on bitmex, my friend

You guys are literally getting JUSTed by a fucking pedophile looking motherfucker who ran a Japanese Magic the Gathering IRC and you think this shit is better money than fiat.

Can someone explain how this person isn't dead? Is the darknet a meme?, assassins can't possibly be this expensive. People have been whacked for less

Spotted the newfag
The only thing the darknet is used for is drugs nigger

"it will never be below 10k again"

This even ross got justd by the fbi when e tried to hire killers. Any Hitman service or gun seller is FBI.

Do you also believe the earth is flat?

truth is, it was going to 6k regardless. the TA is always right, the universe just has to bend and flex the reality of existence and make something..anything happen to fulfil the chart predictions of our TA masters

Of course not, that's something a reddit detective would believe

Hes probably dumping based on TA

Whats the wallet addy???

>Hes probably dumping based on TA

Anyone got the wallet address? Would be interested to see if this shit actually works.

>throwing money at people
Bless him.

> have the worst performance in terms of tx fee's and speed
> literal proof of whale manipulation and crashing the market

and people STILL buy this shit. BTC is the DEFINITION of old money.

Okay this is what Veeky Forums needs to accomplish.

1. Find wallets of trustee
2. Draft letter to Japanese version of CFTC
3. Explain how any more transfers to exchanges will result in mass shorts and that this guy will be guilty of the largest market manipulation this sphere will ever see
4. Maybe say how you were tipped off from a source in december as a "warning" and have been tracking fund movement since then
5. get investigation started that lasts years

What will that accomplish?

>BTC is the DEFINITION of old money
Don't think so.
BTC 100k in 5 years, 1M in 10-15. Look at the chart.

sure bud

We will get our gains from dwcember back!

>the largest market manipulation
Today I learned that trading is market manipulation.

Can we do this please.