Trading + tendies

>eat tendies (delivered) every day
>tip the delivery wagecuck $20
>sometimes order tendies twice in a day
>crypto gains easily pay for tendies
life is good anons. we're all going to make it.

Do you eat vegetables?

Look op,
Then tendies are delicious
But please
Eat some broccoli or you are going to clog your intestines

how much you earning per day?

yes. my diet is fairly balanced but lately i've been eating a lot of tendies
i do eat vegetables, i actually love steamed brocc + chicken

a good amount

Some burnt looking tendies user

Seriously how are we going to make it. All are shit is fucked up all our portfolios blow

Eat greens and exercise also, user.

How far is the place? Walk there

crispy, not burnt

you will make it.

of course

too far to be worth walking too. plus i order tendies from new restaurants frequently. i like to change it up

looks absolutely disgusting

>every day
You’d think they’d look better if they get so much practise

these are real restaurant tendies, not bullshit mcdonalds tendies. they won't look like the ones that are frozen and cooked by wageslaves. trust, they were delicious

teach me master i want to be like you

Not seeing any dipping sauce...

this is unironically one of the comfies and inspiring post i've seen in a while. god help me become richer, may it be so. only about 10k usd atm.

Wtf is a tendi?


Those look disgusting.

chicken is not a vegetables

Enjoy your heart attack.


femanon detected

Fat rube

Comfy as fuck op
Living the dream

*holds up finger*

how do you go about cashing out little amounts monthly? you know like paying for netflix and ordering food

I think I threw up a bit

those look amazing. so much crunch.
congrats on the solid tendie connection, i'm jealous

just DYOR and make smart choices. not that hard man.

not in pic related but it was fantastic

godspeed user.

lurk more




what do you mean lol? cashing out is not difficult

ty user