There's still time

Airdrop running live on @taichichain

Two hours left, unless you hate free things

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thanks for the reminder user!!

How I do I get an this?

kys scamshit

follow their twitter account, there should be instructions there

shh... accumulating

already x100 cuz i got in rite when it started. feelin p gud

>buy 800,000 for 0.003
>sell orders approaching 0.04

Lol you're a fucking liar. No one has even 5x this bullshit. Post your order history I fucking dare you. I've been watching this since day 1, and it's nothing but pathetic scamming on biz and twitter

Check the buy orders just yesterday, and that's for the ones that missed the first several million under 0.005

No one is selling

>>Decent roadmap
>>Only 200 followers on twitter
>>Only been trading for 5 days
>>Giving away free coins to get exposure

Is this market not for speculation? It looks like we're all getting gox'ed for a while so it seems to be worth the risk

I'm just looking for proof that this larper 100x. I'll buy a half million of this shitcoin with proof.

He is lying, but it is already 10x for early adopters (Assuming it holds, but this is just a few days after release)

Oh yeah, for sure lying. No serious volume at .04 anyway. It'll be interesting to see where it's at in a couple weeks

Larper shitbags like this hurt your product more than it helps, boys. All 3 of you are probably working together. If you want your product to seem legit, avoid think pajeet shit

I missed it. What's the best Stellar wallet. The one I downloaded doesn't have a memo section to go with the address. Is that normal? It looks like they will be more giveaways as they get more followers on twitter.

Nah I just like following these threads because it's still so new, I actually don't care what you do. You already missed the initial buys anyways so your projection isn't going to affect that.

I use the Stellar desktop client, I think you need like 20 lumens to activate the account

I'm just a bagholder that got in early, trying to spread the word so it might be worth something

Okay I was going to transfer from binance and it asks for a memo or says to check a little box that says no memo. I can't find a memo in the Stellar desktop client. I can only find the address. Is that all I need for the desktop client?

Definitely fill in the memo when sending from Binance. You can put anything you want in the memo field, but iirc things can get fucky if you leave the memo out

Any simple way to monitor the price of XTCC on a mobile app like delta or blockfolio?

Nah, not even on CMC yet. Best place to check is StellarTerm:

Right. Any idea on when it'll be added? Should really drive the price up

I dunno, needs a certain volume first. Maybe a week or two?

wait I can just put anything in the memo field?

How get in on airdrop?

So i did everything they asked in time, and i still havent recieved shit

There is zero volume on this coin you can try to sell at 10x but you won't get anyone to buy it. Enjoy your trapped money

Did you do everything before 8pm Eastern?

Yeah, it's just a message for the receiver. Can be fuck you, can be something nice

follow @taichichain on twitter, they make announcements every once in a while

Yup. I mean i did it by like 740, i know thats cutting it close but still before the deadline.

Nada. Fuck em.

I'm sure they'll get to dishing out the airdrop, I don't think they'd scam that blatantly this early into their shitcoin.