Amazon to become 3rd largest bank in the US?

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trump will cuck bezos on this one r-right fellas?

Y-yes my fellow magapede.

the united states of amazon

it's going to happen

Isn't capitalism great?

>trump will cuck bezos on this one r-right fellas?
Perhaps. Or perhaps Bezos will tow the line. There's a reason he went from pathetic middle aged Soy dweeb to J.K. Simmons Jr after Trump won the election. He might still pay basic dues but his T-count is way higher cos of Trump being in office. He'll be a supporter by 2020 - screencap this.


D-does this mean Amazon w-will roll out crypto...?

Is it Bain Study or Bane Study?

Wow screencap a guy claiming that a billionaire business man will like trump
Fuck man it's like you're a savant

washington post 2019: trump really might become america's first god-emperor - and that's a good thing

>he doesn't know bezos owns the washington post and has been dumping on trump daily for years now

He doesn't know virtue signalling on a grand scale.

Literally buy a liberal newspaper and make it extra hardcore liberal while running every business in America into the ground, avoiding taxes and killing jobs left right and centre. Fuck you're an idiot.

Hi Anthony. Projecting online again are we?

>implying liberals know jeff bezos own the washington post

The Art of War

What the fuck


Eat shit, Anthony.


Nothing can stop Bezos now

banks will close ranks to keep amazon's swipe fees. never gonna happen. if amazon makes a move towards getting a charter then jpm, bac, and visa will unleash the hounds.
but bezos bought the post so he can control the news that official washington reads and official washington is full of booksmart idiots who regard the post as the gospel truth.
mite b cool

fuck you
he's not anthony
I'm anthony

Fuck you

>3 Reasons Why Amazon Will Choose Ripple (XRP) in 2018

If Jeff becomes the third largest bank and then gets in on the ground floor of XRP he'll have enough money to realize his dream of becoming an interstellar warlord.