The hacker LOST money

Based CZ holy shit. I told you faggots for months he would save crypto

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What fucking charity? I don't want my losses to feed some Somalian niggers

If that's true then I gotta admit CZ & co are fucking ballers, I already liked binance but now they have my trust like nowhere else

moon incoming

This is a fucking outrage. Having some central authority reverse transactions defeat the purpose of a decentralized system. Fucking hard forking fucks.

lying piece of shit
the hackers probably withdraw all their shit seconds after the via pump

Hilarious if true. Dunces on here were praising the hackers for their intelligence earlier.

go use a decentralized exchange then faggot

Binance isn't decentralized you stupid nigger, build your own DEX if you care so much

Don't worry, they are moving the niggers to Europe.

>This is a fucking outrage.

Welcome to the real world lolberg, enjoy your stay.

You fell for the decentralized meme
Fucking shills

>lying piece of shit

the whole thing is so fucking shady. everyone involved.

there's precedent for this in traditional markets. fat finger mistakes going through and being reversed. haven't read up on hacks, but i'm sure it's exactly the same.
i know if i had been hacked i would have wanted this, none of that ANCAP survival of the fittest crypto meme

What if Binance hacked themselves and solved the issue to make them look good and get preess..

Kind of like thus nurse who induced cardiac arrest so he could save them and look like a hero to his colleges.

Go bank with SunTrust if you don't believe in a decentralized system then faggot. Fuck off with your reversibility bullshit

XLM already does that

wtf you talking about.
binance is a centralized exchange. not a dEX

yes the de facto number 1 exchange in the world needs good press

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LMFAO so they lost whatever they spent clearing out the VIA order book

>What if Binance hacked themselves

>be Nance

>be you
>be CEO of a company
>some hacker fag steals money from you and your customers
>you have the power to undo the theft but don't because the hacker deserves your money
you are a cuck if you would actually do this.

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Yeah but they shorted BTC with 100x leverage lol

Nothing personal kid

good, those russians were really getting annoying. theyre going to start some other shit now tho

Crashing further now that withdrawals are enabled

of course the hackers lost money, they knew they weren't going to be able to withdraw from binance.

they acquired large amounts of VIA on other exchanges and then dumped on the arb bots for 2x-3x profit.

the only losers here are the bot owners

If the hacker was smart, he profited from the VIA price increase using other exchanges.

You are a bigger cuck for putting your money in a vault made of glass, then getting mad when someone breaks in and steals it. Then you go ahead and outcuck yourself by complaining about it and demanding your money back.

nice facetious bait

does VIA have the liquidity to even make that worthwhile? how much price action would arb bots even cause on a shitcoin?

Did they say they weren't hacked? Man, talk about spreading bullshit.

Check the chart on bittrex

You read my post

>everyone gets free XLM added to their binance account

looks like we found the hacker. lol bad luck try harder next time.

No, it's a free market. You're not required to use Binance. Their site, their rules.

t. hacker who tried to pump viacoin




But... it isn't a fucking vault of glass if hacks can be reversed is it you dumb faggot?

Don't be retarded, Binance gets their bread and butter by people trading on their platform, hacking is just killing the golden goose.

wow lad

Found the hacker guys

>Interestingly, the hacker lost coins in this attempt.
Fucking brainlet. Smart enough to steal api keys and coordinate mass sell off and pump some low volume coin, and CZ thinks they didn't make money?
The profit was made on other exchanges and Bitmex.
You morons are praising CZ for being so smart, and he doesn't even know how they made money.

Someone panic sold everything and binance detected "irregular trades" and just undid the transactions and now their just losing more.

not his exchange, not his problem fucko

he didn't make money off THEIR exchange you fucking brainlet. It's not his responsibility to account for kuckcoin and whatever shitcoin exchange youre thinking about. You're not smart.

>(Not giving crypto away)
What did he mean by this?

I'm glad that the chinamans words make you feel better, but he should have kept that last sentence to himself. It makes him look like a moron and exists to soothe morons.
>kek dum hackerz
By the way, the "shitcoin exchanges" were Bitmex, Bittrex, and GDAX.

"They" weren't hacked. Individual people using the api for bots and similar things were.

Binance wallets: safe
Bot user accounts: hacked

If you enter your credentials in a third party app and that gets compromised, you can't blame Binance for that.

It's to trick people into thinking they can't send him 0.5 to 5 ETH and he'll send them it x10. He totally will, he says so under everyone of his posts.

Binance is a centralized exchange. When you buy or sell something, nothing moves; it stays in the same wallet and they just write it in keep tabs to know what belongs to who. So it's not surprise that they would be able to reverse anything they want.

It's only when you withdraw that anything changes wallet and they can't reverse it.

I wonder why Viacoin was chosen as the scam coin? Did the hackers do research and find out the transaction speeds are especially fast to get off one exchange and onto the other? If so, Via may be a good investment desu

thank god for CENTRALIZED exchange. #centralizedCZ

This calls for a giveaway!

yeah all shit exchanges


He's saying the hackers didn't make money off Binance, and since the hackers might have transferred the stolen funds into an account which already had other coins, and Binance froze that one, they "lost" more than they gained from there. He didn't say anything about other exchanges; they could cooperate if he thought the hackers might try to sell stolen coins elsewhere, but apart from that it's not his problem.

It's hard to say if it's a win or a loss for Binance. They stand to lose since some people will get scared and stop doing business there, but on the other hand they handled this thing surprisingly well (as far as we can see for now at least) so that could increase the confidence of other people to deal with them. I'm part of the second group right now.