The absolute state

the absolute state

Imagine if it said "select all squares with toilets"
No one would be posting here anymore

You only need to do the 4 or 6 from the stop board.

I dont deserve this kind of treatment

fucking lost
post of the day, thanks for the hearty kek user

I once had one to identify cars and for each car the image would change. You had to pick like 30 fucking cars

I fucking hate this it takes forever half the time i give up halfway through even after i've written a fuckign post

You missed the 2 bottom right. You blind or a robot?

I'll just leave this here.

I have never got one that isn't cars, signs or bridges

How poor are you lmao

decentralized ai training captcha when? this shit is pure ass, always says try again when it’s clearly wrong, and is clearly being used as a means of censorship through frustration.


Anyone else get the fucked up ones that disappear when you click them? Fuck.

I miss legacy captcha

id sooner pay money to chinkmoot and his malware friends than allow google scripts to run


I remember reading you can choose whatever if the button's "skip" but you have to choose the correct ones when it's "verify". At least it fucks with google's bridge recognizing skynet.

Nice hash still uses it on some pages, and you can just refresh the page like 4-5 times now and the captcha will say "v1 Unsupported" and you can just enter anything and it'll work.

Those aren't even the worse ones, the ones that you select pictures and then it removes the square you selected and shows another waste 2-3 minutes every time.

i miss those times...
it came to a point where i accidentaly would start typing "ni-" before stopping while some normies were around me, watching my screen... i did this, automatically, for as long as captcha still had those text fields...

i miss 2007-08 /b/

Then he wins. That's exactly why he keeps this shit up.

Buy a pass don't be a pajeet

Can there be board with purposefully hard captchas to filetr out the brainlets?

>giving Veeky Forums your personal information
fucking brainlet

>he thinks he has to solve the captchas

brainlet here , i dont get it


you can buy with cryptos you dumb pajeet