Literal noobtard here

Literal noobtard here.
I'm new to this board, been influenced by this kid in my class who does crypto trading and mining and pulls about "10k a month" according to him.

I'm studying accounting and finance and planning to do ACCA but also looking to get seriously into crypto and understand how the technology works behind it.

I keep reading that some people here that have from 10k to half a million in crypto. Hopefully they aren't trolling.

How can i get started? Should i get started? Is it too late to start investing?
Can you provide some good material to start reading on? College fills up my time, but i'd like to start reading every now and then on the weekends or while i take a dump.

Should i just go on youtube? I found that theres just TOO much information out there. Just need the first few baby steps.

Help a fellow user out.

Other urls found in this thread:

Find out why bitcoin boomed, what was the tech behind it. Then find out why ethereum boomed. You will learn more along the way and don't forget everyone here is trying to sell you their holdings or straight up fuck with you so you're forced to think for yourself.

Enjoy the ride, 2018 is going to be wild.

buy a book on blockchain and/or crypto and take dedicated time reading it. my recommendation, also has videos by same authors: bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies, published out of princeton. there are also some bitcoin/blockchain specific education apps on the google play store.

any reason why 2018 will be wild?

btw im completely broke. i barely have fucking money to eat sometimes towards the end of the month, and its not like i can work part time since im studying full time, and most of my time is just sleep-school-study-gym-study-sleep-school-study-gym etc etc.

can i even get started with like as low as 50 bucks for example?
will check all these terms out lmao, thanks. i always like learning new things.

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You aren't going to pull 10k a month from mining unless you have a farm, but the initial capital for that would be huge considering the inflated prices of hardware. It is possible to make 10k a month trading. I managed to do that in Jan, but I've been trading sideways all through Feb. It's also possible he got a shitload of some staking coin or masternode stupid cheap and it generates income.

sacrifice your health and quit the gym, that's how you get ahead. when you make it you'll have plenty of time to go to the gym every day


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dont even have an idea what "trading sideways" is lmao.

can you reccomend some common nomenclature to google around and find more information on?

gym is 1 hour every 3-4 times a week.
i'd rather be healthy desu but i understand where you are coming from.
I'm not paying much for it either tho, shitty oldschool gym.

Buy chainlink
$10K EOY
This will single handily save crypto

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Trading sideways just means you aren't making progress in whatever metric, maybe your satoshis are constant or whatever alt is constant or your usd value is the same or whatever.

oh shid okay thanks.

>I'm new to this board, been influenced by this kid in my class who does crypto trading and mining and pulls about "10k a month" according to him.
For the hardware alone they'd be paying 120k+ for about ~65 rigs to pull in that much a month. Plus they'd be paying like $2k-3k a month in electricity. Then the storage costs on top.
Most of his gains are probably from trading, which is pretty much gambling, any whale can move the market on a whim, you can't predict that.

That said, crypto is going to grow a lot over the next few years, my bets are on BTC, ETH, ICX, NEO. I have some smaller positions in altcoins like OMG, MOD, REQ, ARK, and JNT for the moonshot. They're more risky but they have more potential for growth. Good luck OP.

If you don't have alot I would reccomend just buying bitcoin or ethereum and holding.

trading sideways is when you grab your dick real hard while checking on your heavy bags and swingging it sideways until you link 1000$EOY

my rule is that I never buy bitcoin above 9.5k

thank you both for your help.
good luck to the both of you.

Oh I have about 1k link too, gotta stay stinky.

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>mooning? You can’t explain that

You're going to have to learn to think in different rates too. Whether alt coins are going to grow in satoshis (fractions of a bitcoin) or Vits (fractions of ethereum)

how do alt coins grow in satoshis or vits tho?
any sources i can read on this?

It's just whatever people are willing to pay

This is basis tier shit. An alt gains in sats or wei if people are willing to pay more sats or wei for it.

It falls in sats or wei if people are paying less sats or wei for it.

it´s to late man, game is over. no more lambos

vits arent a real unit idiot
its wei

I personally like to call them skellies

dont care about lambos tho lmao.
more interested in the technology, and how all of this shit works.


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Not late user we are in a cocksucking bear maeket since early January so it is good time to come in. Crypto will at least be very profitable in 2018-2019 until all normie fags come in and you can dump your bags on them. Some coins/tech will stay for the long run but their price will most likely stabilize by the early 2020s.

Start with this vid: reddit cryptocurrency and/or CryptoMarkets subreddit (biz hates reddit, but good start)
Develop a good inner guidance to see what is FUD/FOMO, see through scams, this is still Wild West era now.
Especially try to contain yourseld from FOMO before investing and make a very detsiled research beforehand.
Once u are familier with stuff /biz is useful but has a lot of autistic pajeets, so again have to develop a good discernment.
Good luck, even 50 bucks is a start, but you should probably secure a few thousand dollars capital investment somehow, it wont be 2016 again

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if you buy bitcoin at 10k$ and it drops to 9k it means that you owe the exchange 1k

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might aswell just go on reddit.

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go to

buy BAT, LTC, BTC in that order. the fees suck but it's as easy as buying something off amazon. you won't have to fuck with wallets, exchanges, anything.

check back in a year. don't read about crypto. you will have made some money.

Now is not the time for holding. Wait a couple months.


>it mooned because of the tech



I'll give you some advice: if you trust anyone in crypto, you'll get burnt eventually. everyone is trying to rip you off or get money off you

i figured that out already.

i guess most of you guys here are basically trynna burn each other.

>we will enjoy breaking this one

dont forget to get a hardware wallet so you can lock in your coins

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I didn't ask why markets move you literal autist. I asked why alts turn into other shit, since this is nomenclature that is not used in regular finance and it has become literal mey-mey internet lingo if you haven't noticed. Especially here on Veeky Forums. It's like going to a biology conference and expect to get the jokes and banter people are making.

Also wow, great job, we both know you watched 100 hours worth of youtube while stroking your dick.
Fuck you want a cookie? Because you know more shit than me on an obscure subject that takes hours, months, even years to comprehend?
I said i'm a noob from the get-go and only asked for basic terms to google around.

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You sound like an entitled faggot, but even entitled faggots deserve access to good information. For one, kys. Don't ask to be spoonfed.

I'd recommend reading """technical""" overviews of blockchain technology so that you can know what you're talking about if you ever get involved in conversations irl. Lots of faggots invest in crypto without knowing a god damn thing and they usually get burned.

Stackexchange generally has good info:

Coinmarketcap (CMC) has data on the current and historical prices of the most popular cryptos:

Binance is a popular exchange for trading alts with btc/eth pairings:

Understanding how mining works is important if you get involved with crypto. This is a normie overview, do more research, but this will start you off:

Understand what an ERC-20 token is:

Know the units of ethereum/bitcoin:

When picking a project to invest in, consider whether or not the project has any real-world application. Stay away from teams that hype up their coin to drive the price up and always DYOR. Don't fall for scams, learn how to use wallets, and don't keep your money on exchanges. Godspeed faggot.

do as much research as you can on everything as much as you can, never trust anyone from biz, most of the threads you see here are paid Pajeet/Ivan shills or fuds.

with that being said, if you are serious about crypto first learn about how blockchain work as a technology then look for the currencies you are interested in and want to invest on and do some extensive research on them, then start to develop strategies on how you want to invest in the crypto space, mining, day trading, hodling etc.

again don't fully trust people that trying to shill you a coin in crypto space or give out your private keys to anyone, that is how noobs get rekt in this space.

Lurking here is a really good start, the answers to very basic questions will be very similar to the ones you found so far in this thread. Lurk and Google things you don't understand. Good luck, faggot. Oh and buy LINK.