Statement on Potentially Unlawful Online Platforms for Trading Digital Assets


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I was going to point out how you're wrong, but those trips have convinced me. Shorting now.

So it begins.

>the SEC rules the world
kys burger

its fuckin over SELL EVERYTHING

>what is jurisdiction

Back to poloniex!

>seizing offshore exchanges

has anyone even read this?

its just saying to watch out for sketchy websites

Binance isnt an amerimutt site and i dont trade scam ICOs so we fine. Carry on boys

>year 2001+17
>burgers still think they are relevant

Delisional amerifags!
Ummm yeah sec issued ansubpoena to a vietnamese farmer - better start shorting rice

Defund SEC Defund FBI Waste of money.

It's simply a warning from SEC saying keep your eyes peeled there's dodgy shit out there.


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>Sec seizes US exchanges
>Everything plummets due to FUD

No they're not fuck your trips

ie ETH, NEO, etc
the shitcoin factories
not exchanges you brainlet

Literally no one read the actual fucking link.

>US exchanges
Coinbase and Poloniex.
Goldman Sachs BTFO
Crypto is saved and moons

this bump is for the continued dump. Coinz had a short, sweet run

Not only scam icos, but also other coins. Can you find a single US exchange from the lists? Nope. If US exchanges get seizes everything fucking plummet to hell.

Warning to take your portfolio away before shit hits the fan. SEC is not there only to warn. They are a legal body and they are not going to watch security laws being broken and someone making shitloads of money doing so.

What about Gemini?

good thing goldman and poloniex are already cleared with regulators, and coinbase just launched a fucking index fund. major U.S. exchanges are already for this shit and will be A-okay. it's actually going to be fucking crazy seeing coinbase and a revamp polo start competing for real once all the regulatory dust has settled in a few months.


owned by winklecucks who were complaining on bloomberg last month in a 20 minute face to face interview about how they have been cucked by following regulations, doing KYC etc, being good goys while seeing unregulated exchanges make headways. they were pretty salty, actually. they're also very cozy with New York finance and regulators.
same shit with kraken, they're moving to become more legit/safe. the only U.S. exchanges that don't comply aren't even relevant because the way things are going now it's clear that everyone is on the same page as far as the biggest exchanges go.

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what about Kraken?

They can come over and take me to jail I got my 2nd amendment they got theirs bring it on!
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>mfw already a millionaire, in the community

just gotta wait for the fiat exchange to launch, hope the SEC doesn't seize it.

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