If you aren't thinking about buying this, or already have a large position of this...

If you aren't thinking about buying this, or already have a large position of this, you're a fucking retard and will be poor this time next year.

iExec is the future of computing.

in big.

I sold everything.

>selling before the bull run due to v2 coming in may

you're a brainlet aren't ya

Yeah but no.
I'm buying back tomorrow at 0.00012.

Shill me on this

That u BigC?

Cloud computing blockchain
Also buy aelf same shit different color lol
Today i was thinking "can i play an actual non retarded game on blockchain? No? Well fuck. Lemme just claim some eos from the ico, oh, only cost me 2.70 usd. Living in the future fun times, maaaan"

The next biggest technology in crypto.
The market opens in 2 months, allowing people to rent their computer processing.
Massive rendering capabilities. Think rendering giant CGI files and other media/projects alike.
Can already render Blender files. The first of it's kind to do so, beating Golem to the thing the entire coin is based on.
It will compete with, and destroy, every cloud computing service on the planet due to non-existent overhead and cheapest prices.
It has the capability to also be a cloud storage technology as well, defeating the likes of Storj and every other filecoin.

It's blockchain agnostic as well. Supposedly it's beyond crypto 3.0 due to the flexibility. Think crypto 4.0, 5.0, etc. We don't know where the capabilities stop.

Already has a dApp store
~80M coins
Best team in crypto, IMO. A team full of french and chinese PHD's
Some consider it the most undervalued coin. I see it named that constantly.
It's really just waiting to explode, as you can see from the accumumlation that took place today. All it will take is 1 good partnership and this coin will explode 100-1000x in a month.

This is a good project but it won't be mooning anytime soon, we are in a bear market and BTC is going to be dumped hard.

Its not going to be partnerships, theyll just flaunt their portfolio of customers at some point

What i wondered, if a company such as iexec is bought, how does that affect token/coon hodlers?

>100-1000x in a month
it was good until that !

I fell for the Golem meme. I'm scared to jump back in. I cant decide if hipster autists or chinks are more untrustworthy, but it's a close race.

>He didnt sell at $4

If this shit peaks like Golem did last bullrun it'll 10x, move your bags over

You want to flip Golem with RLC ?
You had to do this months ago mate...

Just do it tomorrow when it will dump a little.

was about to start accumulating before it took off today

happening again

Shit. I want to go back in but it can't stop to pump

I sold half my stack at 1550 with hopes of buying back in.
Press F

Same at 1620.
This madness has to stop.

wot. i just sold it all. its not supposed to keep going up after i do that

I mean Idk I didnt do my usual due diligence I just was a pessimistic asshole put a sell order and bam it got filled. I even told everyone in the thread what a great long term hold it is.

The pump and dump rumor has been BTFO the initial pump was real

Wtf this shit is literally not stopping?

It cant go much higher can it? Lol it's at like 70%

You got your entry, take it or leave it

Nice pump and dump discord shill group ya got here

I FUCKING NEVER SWING TRADE FUCK. at least I only sold half. Enjoy the moon boyos.

Cloud computing on the blockchain?!? This sounds really inefficient. I'll look into it some more, but my initial reaction has caused me to ignore this one.

That's because you're a fucking retard, obviously.

RLC's team is French and Chinese, not just chink.

It is inefficient, this coin won't be around in one year.

Just sold on 1.9. Yesterday was 1.19

It's similar to golem. It's cloud computing for dapps on platforms like Ethereum and EOS. When large-scale dapps start to develop, they'll use RLC for their computing power because on-chain computing is prohibitively expensive.

i-dgaf more like it
it will never make it I can sense it

Who here LINK, BAT, RLC?

RLC keeping the JUSTing at bay right now