Not buying HPB

>not buying HPB
the test net is coming at the end of this month

do you hate money?


Unionpay literally confirmed

DPoS is for faggots and pedos

You are all literally missing the biggest part of HPB. I don't think I've seen it mentioned once.

Wait, so this isn't a complete shitcoin?


I'm not going to say that easily lol.

Their whole website is written is in Chinese, so if you pinky promise this isn't a chink shitcoin I'll buy in, I have half a btc and I want to spend it

i pinky swear

I'm not going to let you in on too much, I can't just give it a way like that, because I am still accumulation. But if anyone guesses I'll say.
2 words
B_____ N_____k

too obvious for anyone who's not a brainlet. here's one for you: s__e goes in all fields


I will give you hint. Think big. Think scale ability. Think larger than just union pay. Think blockchain wide.

Big Niggerdick?

Umm not quite

I don't like the logo

>I want to shill my coin but I'm going to act like I know something they don't because I'm still accumulating
Explain to me what the point of this thread is

Just tell us OP we’re all retards and this thread is gonna die

Banyan network. HPB is literally the heart of a massive Chinese blockchain project, with HPB being the platform that allows them to scale to levels that are needed for the largest Chinese companies. Helping to scale not only NEO but also NAS, HPB, BTO, CPC, VEN, BTO, QTUM.

Their hardware will literally be plasma 2.0, it will be open source and used in more companies/governements than you can imagine.

did you bother to read that whitepaper? never read so much shit, seriously.

(banyan network if anyone wondering)

You got trips, so this a shitcoin or not?

This is literally fueled by autism, thought people loved that kind of shit round here.

How shit is it my triplord?

So should I buy Banyan or HPB?

it's a shitcoin, don't buy. read whitepaper, research the team. look at this "ceo". market cap seems low but can it really make a 100-1000x? very unlikely imho.

just saying i put half my portfolio in xrb when it was 30cents

>muh white paper
>muh CEO

Well shit nigger, what’s the next XRB then? BTO? RLC? Motherfucking Omni?

fusion probably

So if I have $10k, do I put it in CPC, HPB, or BanYan? Tbh, I can't find what the token is called for banyan on coinmarketcap.

My shitcoin allocation is currently 48k JNT and 10k CPC, btw. Tempted to increase my shitcoin allocation by $10k or just buy BTC, because I don't hold any BTC right now and want some in case it moons to $350k when Coinbase's normie fund opens up.