Dan Bilzerian on NINTENDOCOIN

HOLY SHIT we made it guys!

Look at the spike on Etherdelta


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everyone take a minute to try to imagine OP's life. think about where he is, what he looks like, what he's doing IRL.



Seriously though we're picking up a lot. It's a good time to get in.

Where are the fudders? Suddenly they run to buy?

WTF you said you would send me some days back in the giveaway post i even posted this guy yet , nothing in my wallet . im upset

They'll probably FOMO in at 1.50 a token kek

You should probably pick some up as suicide insurance. This shits going parabolic.

Holy fuck dude. I'm so glad I bought in yesterday. Holy shit man knew this one was a winner. This is gonna make me rich as fuck

made me chuckle

He's making people money. I love the guy. Assuming he's the same dude from before.

Who is he?

Someone you should not give a fuck about.

The Dev of the year. If we hit just 3 million market cap these tokens will be a dollar each and we'll be loaded. Let's meme it boism

saw vanilla ice's metal band a few years back at a really shitty bar me and my friends liked in college, how the mighty have fallen.

Some fag who spends daddy's money to pretend to be a Chad on instagran

cocaine is a helluva drug

Dan Bilzerian is /ourguy/




Why did you make a new thread?

feels good knowing he's never going to make it

Remember Aaron Carter? My ex gf brought me to one of his shows because it was in town. Now that's fallen. Looks like he was doing coke for 10 years straight. Spent more time talking about how he use to be a big deal than singing. Now that's falling. Vanilla Ice at least appears on TV poking fun at himself and had a successful real estate business.

This exact same post was made yesterday, and that tweet is fake. You just pressed F12 to go into the dev tools in order to edit the tweet's text, and then you screenshotted it

It's a joke friend

"Nintendocoin" is a joke

This is really a no brainer. Good name. Good shill army. Only 3 million tokens and a paper thin sell wall. Gonna pump this more when I can move some more eth into ED. Right now I don't want to sell any more of my alts since they're bleeding worse than Ethereum.

Dude most are on the exchange that means that different people on ED are holding as well. Look at the trades. There's been a lot of them.

Yeh, 60% on the exchange

1.7mill of the 3 million got sold for a penny according to the orderbook

Kill yourself retard.

Yeah that was the Dev airdropping them. I'm glad people are FUDDing. It really validates the token

The trades have been all to and from the same few wallets. It's either one guy with multiple wallets, or just a couple different guys shuffling this token around to artificially inflate volume. Considering how the wallets in the trade history on EtherDelta all have little to nothing in them, it's easy to deduce that they're just sockpuppets

Yeh because you airdrop tokens by selling them all for a penny in a single order hurr

Yeah it's a very simple way to do it.
The pump was done by a few people. Who cares? There will be more. The current target is a dollar per token.

No it isnt a simply way to do it. Because its not thousands of different orders, its ONE order

Can we meme this coin enough so that it's trending on twitter during tomorrow's nintendo direct?

It's 32 orders and if you bought in yesterday and listed the token you would have made some easy money. Luckily there's still time.

>The pump was done by a few people
>few people
Those few people make up 100% of the token's trading volume. If that isn't enough to make you care, then you're either retarded, or you're a part of promoting this scamcoin

Yeah man that's an idea. Buy now for cheap and unload on Reddit and Twitter anons.

Its funny they seem to only have like .1 eth because nobody made a buy for any higher. Just the same guy recycling orders

That was still enough to 10x the token. It's almost like there's only 3 million tokens kek.


Yeh im sure itll 10x with a volume of 100 dollars a day from your pocket, especially when people have sell orders undercuttering the second lowest and people still arent buying

It had over an eth of volume today. Dude what are you talking about?

When youre buying and selling to yourself it doesnt count.

Selling? Not seeing much selling

is he legit in crypto?

The tweets fake kek.

Come on Veeky Forums this isn't rocket science. Easy money.

this is legitimately some of the saddest shilling i've ever seen for a scamcoin
it's like watching a sick, starving, weak guinea pig with distressed hair and a mental disorder that's warm with a tender sadness trying to gently and sadly set up booby traps to catch other guinea pigs, because it thinks that it has to catch and eat them in order to survive
at some point, you just have to think about how sad it all is

lol what a gay I almost had respect for him

Yes he is.

shoo pajeet