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By September 2018: a user-facing demo/prototype that will let users explore the potential of the protocol being built.
By September 2019: a functional test network implementing the essential features of the Witnet protocol.

Holy fuck, this looks actually better than Chainlink. They solve oracle AND security problem at the same time.


The tone this was written with raises an eyebrow.

Now this is real FUD.

Everything checks out, they solved the Oracle problem without having to rely on trusted hardware. If they can follow through with their goals than the only benefit Chainlink will have is the first mover effect.

All Veeky Forums linkies need to be made aware of this

ok so i buy a shitload of this shitcoin too. i win either way. still not selling my link

fuck off, chainlink is already working with swift you cuck, do you know how hard it is for banks to change systems?

Testnet coming September..... 2019.

Tokens not being released untill mainnet.


It would be a shame if something happened to the devs

>we decided to build Wit as a native token to its own blockchain because in our case it makes no sense to cope with the challenges of running it upon a widely used PoW chain like Ethereum or Bitcoin.
Does anyone else realize how stupid this sounds?
How the fuck do they expect their scaling solution to be any better than ETH's if their goal is mass adoption?

looks like Prodeum 2.0 to me, I could have whipped up that website and whitepaper in an afternoon. Hire some faggot on fiverr to read a script for your youtube video and watch the millions roll in to your ICO while you laugh your way to the exit scam

>By September 2019: a functional test
Yeah, OP they're going to be a big time competitor when they are over a fucking year late to the party.

I don't know what I'm talking about but they probably won't use pow?

Who is integrating off-chain data that has their test/main up right now? No one, you stupid FUDing faggot.

No one I guess.
Really activated my almonds.

You, eh, you new around here son?

Wow it sounds like the guy who wrote this doesn't even fully understand what he's criticizing.


can i get some legit chainlink advice. i drunkenly put $500 in whilst browsing biz which i seldom do and really dont understand its pros/cons/chance of success. bought in at 77cents pic related

please advise

Have at it boys

I'd rather buy that shitcoin with Ryan Gosling on the team than this disaster.




I've seen weaker fud in a lot of posts here in Veeky Forums. Also starting a project by Fudding another just seems like you aren't confident enough to pull it.
It almost feels like a Linkie Fudding link to get anons to debunk it.

Friendly reminder that the coins are distributed in 2020 and they are collecting funds in early 2018 for basically a whitepaper project at this point, kek.

Even if this is a huge success, LINK will use its first mover advantage to secure majority of the market and make itself the standard before those guys come close to releasing a main net.


explain me link and its est. chance of success even if from ur perspective


This. Chainlink is still light years ahead of any other oracle solution

>It almost feels like a Linkie Fudding link to get anons to debunk it.
Tbh if this entire company was just chainlink fud it might be some of the greatest to go down in history

The thing that worries me greatly is that from the perspective of public blockchains, Witnet is arguably a superior solution because it offers these "generalized" oracles wherein an oracle is not restricted to providing data for just one API. I haven't read the whitepaper completely but this might mean witnet greatly simplifies the process of setting up oracles, as these generalized oracles could theoretically get data from any API.

On the other hand, we're seeing permissioned/private blockchains move to projects like Interledger+Ripple or Corda to act as oracles

So LINK is now stuck in this state between a rock and a hard place where there is a superior solution for public blockchains and a superior solution for private ones...

I made an account, and you can already use it I think, it encourages you to use the testnet to test things first, main net already live?

>In Witnet, the oracle nodes in the network are called "witnesses". They are automated headless browsers that you can hire to retrieve information from the Internet and deliver it to you or your smart contracts. The more fees you pay, the more the number of witnesses that will be employed.

thats the only difference

>Witnet is arguably a superior solution because it offers these "generalized" oracles wherein an oracle is not restricted to providing data for just one API
Oh yeah I forgot chainlink oracles have that limitation

Not clicking that nigga
you ain't stealing my API keys


>Witnet is arguably a superior solution because it offers these "generalized" oracles wherein an oracle is not restricted to providing data for just one API
Since when does LINK have specialized oracles, faggot?

>Adan Sanchez de Pedro
is this satire?

what the fuck is happening

It's new fud - creating multiple threads pretending to be a pajeet shill

some buttmad autist is trying to get LINK banned

we already know nigga, u r late. u get u r tokens until their mainnet after 24 months.

faggots, they dont have anything except white paper. u get u r tokens only after 24 more months. no know what shitt gonna happen in 24 month timeframe. whare link is few months away from mainnet

Le Creatura: The Coin

>This is 98% of crypto startups.

please return to your cotton picking station before you get shot

These Biz threads have gotten pretty cancerous over these past couple months especially, but these convos are still good for soaking up many different perspectives on the market. Good for building a well rounded portfolio for the best chance at future mooning.

>just bought 1000k thanks

>has no product, barely a whitepaper, bunch of Spanish cucks fresh out of uni and one Sephradim Jew with a receeding hairline

>calls out Chainlink explicitly on the front page of their fucking website


>implying as a startup you want to bring ANY attention to competitors ESPECIALLY one which is already ahead of you in the game

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