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Brain marines, assemble

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>Freakshow coin.

No thanks!

DBC 1k EOy

To be fair, it can't dump much more than it already has.

But it can still be delisted from exchanges.

so now that dbcgoodguy is dead is anyone left thats been in this coin since early on?

Me me meeee me ME MmEeEe

DBC will prevail. Mark my anonymous words.

I feel like a brainlet for buying

lads when is the Veronice Avluv premiumbukkake scene getting released?

More like 1k SATs.

DBC Cryptocurrency Will Be Worth $100

Literally all dead from suicide.

The dip was/is pretty hard on utility tokens like DBC. At this point, those who have it might as well hold, but it's though to say what the future holds for these coins.

I'm dead inside

The irony of brainlets rallying around a brain logo

kill me

I'm down 90%

Its real hold on Brainlets were right
"I'm from the future") Where everyones happy

Actually, you're completely wrong. It can keep dropping in price. Prices don't dump just because some whales sell. They dump when there's less buyers than sellers.

If there's no one willing to buy this coin, and all that's left is a bunch of bag holders with very little liquidity, that's when the coin's value goes to shit.

wtf did you by ath everything?

Why don't you save the little of your honour and drop that bag of shit finally

Taking my DBC to the grave, y'all been warned.

Buy DBC or else..

>-72% all time

Oh I have a deep brain alright. Fuck this chink coin

I bought this at 7 cents the night it was listed on kucoin. I held all the way up and all the way down. Still holding. JUST. at least it's a small part of my folio