Rate my portfolio. Recommend any changes. Post your own if you want opinions

Rate my portfolio. Recommend any changes. Post your own if you want opinions.

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Owning that much of BNB is silly. 1 BNB is good for like 15k worth of trades

shut the fuck up you retarded poor person

You don't have a clue

Oh ok, also you only get the fee discount for 1 year. But yeah enjoy your BNB. Great hold

Read the white paper.
Plus I bought them under $2. So I will be holding on to them.
Bnb will be used for ICO's, and as the decentralized exchange protocol.

Enjoy getting chinked

>offering no useful advice.
Are you a 56%er?

I told you, sell your BNB. I dropped mine at $20.
I am white

Sure pal.
You failed to mention a suitable replacement coin.

Xmr, I would put you tether in there to

bittbean is the coin for you sir

Xmr at 32200 sats is a bad buy.
I'll buy back in at 26000 after the fork.

I will buy pic related instead.

Wow. Everyone used to share their portfolios last year. Now nobody wants to post anything.
Is this because people don't want pajeets and redditors finding out what they hold. I haven't seen a screenshot of a fellow link holders portfolio in ages as well. What gives?

sharing cause everyone's shit is bleeding today. what do?

>inb4 saltywalty/morestinky

Dump walty for more link

10/10 folio desu
you got your priorities straight

Why are you holding more req then link? Actually curious. My understanding is that request Network uses link, so wouldn't link be the first mover? Why not put the money in link first and once link starts moving then you can transfer it into req?

newfag here , which app is that?

Not sure if sarcastic orrr
Binance new fag

Allocated a similar number of ETH but got into REQ early @ 0.06usd (after ICO dump)

LINK @ 0.40, with a DCA around 0.28 leading up to and following the SIBOS PnD

REQ was just more bang for the buck

thank you oldfag

No one can save this


BTC, NEO, LTC. Don't want to hold alts because they have been bleeding like crazy. Will grab LINK, NULS, ENG, OMG when things get pumping.

not sarcastic
here's my folio

Can you say why you have ETH classic? What's the point of owning an ETH with no developmental support?

I own a ETH in another location. I'm holding some classic because they have went out of their way to get special regulatory approval and clearances. So I'm optimistic if the regulation keeps cracking down that they will pull out on top the fastest.



Looks breddy good. But why ark over others?

Arkie for life

Try and find a more chad Veeky Forumsfolio than mine.

Protip: you can't



Lol at diversifying such a small amount. You're not gonna make it.

Why would you diversify such small quantities?

It's like a mirror image of everything Veeky Forums shills. I can't decide whether to be disgusted or impressed.

Muh diversification is a meme carried over from investments that carried flat fees for transactions or services. In a market like crypto where a coin will either follow BTC or pump like mad, and there are only % fees, there is no reason not to put money in everything you have confidence in.

Veeky Forums skills everything as the next ETH, if even one of them hits I'll make a decent returns. Not lambo, but decent

spot on user, was thinking the same thing.

You have to ask yourself while you're in crypto. If you're in crypto to make it big and quit your job then you should be all in on a low cap and high potential project. If you're in crypto for more conservative but guaranteed gains then you're fine to stay spread so thin.

damn. This is completely unrelated, but I honestly feel bad for whoever made that picture. I wonder how fucked up their mind/mentality is or what happened to them.


Need to get rid of this silly POWR and VEN
R8 plz

Why xrp?
Because numbers and facts>emotions
Back to plebbit please

Needs more BTCP

Seemed like a decent coin to purchase at the time