Brother bought the peak

My brother FOMO'd in at the absolute peak. He has left his folio to me to reorganize since he has pretty much given up. What should I do?

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all in LINK

I was honestly thinking this maybe 50/50 LINK ETH?

All-in ICX and hope for the best.


Just fucking leave it for a year. Guarantee you'll fuck up as much as he did.

Legit sell everything for BTC. We're either gonna bleed for months or spike towards 18k in the next couple weeks. Either way alts are fucked.

dump dash, xlm and xrp. buy some more monero, keep ada and go all in on ICX. biggest potential ROI in the portfolio

Don't put it into LINK if you want any of your money back.


NANO 2X before April


Buy REQ while it's low

LINK, AMB, QASH and just hold those for 1 year.

even split xmr, neo, ltc

the most stable coins throughout the crash turmoil, xmr even more so than btc

lol what a shitty portfolio, you would think people would actually do their fucking research before investing thousands of dollars in a volatile market.

Buy at least $1K from the coinmetro ico, split the rest into AMB, JNT, RLC, and maybe some LINK, just in case. For slow and stable gains you can keep some BTC, ETH and XMR.

Split evenly:

You need more low position coins. AMB. RLC, PRL, GVT... keep Monero XRP and one you like.


All in Tezos. Sell at 3x on launch for bitcoin. Hodl.

Seconded. Hands off the stash OP

xlm ada icx all shitcoins

xrp ok, not because they're not shady or anything, just because they've been staying around forever with that incredibly shady disgusting behaviour so theym ust be doing something right

xmr - lots of questions, but ok

dash - same as xmr

sell xlm ada icx for bitcoin, maybe throw in a bit of nano. keep it like 40% btc + 15% xrp/xmr/dash/nano

Icx is super low and didn't pump since forever

Nuls and BAT.

Thank me later.

50% LINK 50% AMB

market sell all, market buy VIA

50/50 link/xmr

I think bitcoin will steadily drop the rest of the week and then rebound sometime later this month

if we can clear 13k at some point in the next month then I see no reason for this latest goxxening to be the end, especially right when the regulators are only now starting to go after scamcoins and exchanges, which is maybe bad for alts but in the long-term good for crypto

the way I see it, bitcoin is protected which means they wont allow it to fail.

Go all in on BTCP. You'll get a 10X return within a few months.

Link 25%
VIA 25%
WaltonChain 25%
LiveEDU 25%
that will be one hell of a portfolio

3 scam coins and Lin.... oh I get it.

All in ICX

seconding this

all in nebl or tell your mongo brother to have a bit of patience.

So has deep brain chain... Why aren't you all in?