Buy $2 gallon jugs of milk

>buy $2 gallon jugs of milk
>finish milk
>save jugs
>keep 6-7 gallon jugs in my room to piss in instead of getting up and going to use the bathroom saving time and money on water bill
>when jugs get filled, just dump them out the window or use to water my plants
>roomates and family ostracize and laugh at me for being frugal and thrifty
>meanwhile they go and spend $200+ each month on water utilities alone

Why are normies so dumb?

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> Anons desperate to save money resorting to pissing in jugs
Have we hit peak dystopia yet?

Some things, like running water, are just worth paying for you fucking dirty and retarded nigger.

>not pouring them into the back of the toliet when you poop so the toilet fills up with pee water instead of water

god-tier frugality

>buying them when you can just get them out of dumpsters

Confirmed not making it

Just piss in the fucking shower m8 you probably desperately need the exercise you would get from walking to the bathroom.

You’re killing your plants dumbass. It’s salty

fukin kek

OP if your piss is that shade of yellow then I would suggest you consume some water pronto before you die of crypto-induced dehydration.

Why not shit in your hand and clap instead of taking a shower? You save on toilet paper AND water. Please never breed.

> not buying 2 gallon jugs of Hawaiian Punch to drink and piss in after

>no peeing Toilet without flushing
>not peeing in a drain

You already charged a sewer maintance charge dumbass you fucked

are you somalian?


probably needs the shower too

Best thread, top kek

threads like this make me lose shit

The piss is the shower you rich fuck, it's sterile don't think about it.



Make sure you have a seperate jug for when you're on antibiotics. You can seperate the antibiotics from your piss and re-inject them back into your system. This means you don't have to buy a full course.

lol I'm only 220 pounds dude I don't need any excercise

Hoarding urine is a red flag for mental issues. Pretty severe ones, too. But you keep making excuses for it.

And, i don't know where you live, but here in CA, A $200 water bill is equivalent to 30 to 35 thousand gallons of water a month, which is enough for a household of 12. Our house with 7 people and a pool was never over $100. One HCF in Norcal is 748 gallons and costs $4.22 right now. Figure a 4 family household would use one half of a HCF a day, being generous, and adding in landscaping, possibly a pool. $2.11 a day, or a ballpark $60 bill.

But you keep making up excuses for your mental illness.


hey man i do this too. holla bak

Why if it isn't one of those basketball Americans.

>Hoarding urine
do people actually do this?

How do you shower?

Mentally "people" do.

just the way of the road, boys.

with pee obviously

Mentally ill people do, yes. Some hoard shit, in buckets.


You’re spending money on liquids that you’re just gonna piss out? No thanks, by never drinking anything, I save on the drinks themselves AND water bills.

If you drink water or anything, you’re just pissing your money away. Literally.

generally just wash my hair which takes about 1 minute, I only shower maybe once or twice a week

Dont worry op youre not alone , im worse than a jew when it comes to those things i even grow my own vegetables and microgreens and have some chickens to lay eggs.

Nope. This is what a crypto bubble is. Idiots pissing their lives away to buy poke-ponzi-coins

12c for 1000litres of water. Why is your water so expensive?

Hold on if you wash that cloth it mixes in with all the other clothes

>pissing in jugs to save a few bucks per month
>leaves computer on all day/night
yep thats about right

Brutal mode right there..

We gon make it user

my friend you are gross not frugal

>Not hoarding urine
Stay poor, urine $300/galon EOY

kek that was mine.


He's probably using more money on the washing machine for the electricity and soap and water than he's saving. I'll admit, toilet paper can be expensive, if you buy the overpriced shit, but the generic stuff is like $.25 a roll or less if you buy bulk.
Some people are just borderline lunatics, and they express it in different ways.
Me, I realize life is short, money is easy, I don't sweat the pennies, and just focus on the dollars, but try to enjoy life's real pleasures.

Besides, if you really want to save money on toilet paper, buy a house with a well, and install a bidet.

We entered bear market, the frugal.threads are back!

Only 220... you better be 6'5

>not having a plunger to help flush all this forsaken disgusting acts of human semen filled pissed milk jugs and taco bell diarhea down the toilet while using napkins from mcdonalds to wipe your coal mining tight asshole

Water is cheap, there's no way anyone would be paying $200+ a MONTH.

Plus you should still be expected to pay for water, as im sure you shower, wash dishes, drink water etc.

Good bait tho

5'10" but big for my age

> piss in toilet
> don’t flush


holy shit fuck this world

How will Drumpf ever recover?

Clean water would become the most expensive resource in the future.

Hahahahaha 5'10, 220

I just finished watching that. I've had enough.


Just exploring this for a second. Would putting pee in the back of the toilet cause more damage to the parts of the toilet?
Like is this a genuinely "frugal" idea?
Would mineral deposits start to build up from urine being in there?

>not filling up your basketball with piss


it's perfect

"This is my mother's poop bucket. It's a family heirloom."

I've seen that episode, she's batshit crazy. Poop and pee hoarders are mentally ill.

it's only very recently that people stopped doing this.

before we all had bed pans under the bed which we pissed in then emptied the next morning. running water is a fucking luxury, and a modern one at that.

some of you guys are soft as fuck.


Just piss in the sink OP

Won't work on modern "water saving" toilets, they're sealed systems. The one in my apartment right now is like that.

You're literally talking about saving literal pennies anyway. Here where I live, water is $.005 a gallon. Modern toilets, per Federal law, can only use 1.6 gallons of water per flush, so you'd save all of one cent per flush.



Most people have a minimum they have to pay for water so even after saving a couple hundred flushes the utilities bill wouldn't change at all.
Also, just piss in the sink.


the human brain is amazing

Look it goes without saying that you're not gonna save anymore than a few cents. But the idea I'm exploring is whether or not overall pissing into the toilet tank is going to save you anything at all.
Like if you have a high sodium diet from ramen noodle binging or whatever... is your piss going to have a higher mineral composition? Is this going to degrade your toilet parts quicker than water in the back?
And therefore there is no monetary value in doing so because you're going to pay for a new toilet down the track?

lmao this fucking thread

Found the Canadian plumber

I actually used a shit rag for a bit..

Just waddled over to the tub, sat my ass over the side and used my little shit cloth. Then washed the poo off when I showered.

One time I woke up from a night of drinking and had to piss really bad but the door to my friend’s room with the only bathroom was locked. I knew if I pounded on it and woke his GF up she’d be pissed (pun intended) so I just let it go in their trash.

Okay I think I've got it.
Is the ultimate proplay here to disconnect your toilet completely. Emergency pisses at night can be saved in piss bottles, and we shit in the one spot in our backyards to use as a compost zone?
In the case of a "routine" shit we try to sync that up with an after shower. If it's an emergency shit we use the home teal towels to wipe up.
Is this the mode we unlock to rid ourselves of the vice known as flushable-jew?

Shop it with Sergey plaid.


I p into garbage bags and throw those into public trash cans. $9+ per 40 roll, usually lasts 14 days. Get on my level

t.- van user

jesus rent is 2200/'s pretty chill

Pretty sure this would fucking break the toilet in costing more money the using water like you are meant to, your piss crystallises you stupid fucks

Fucking nigger

Its amonia


I piss in my compost user, it's much better for the soil. I estimate that I save at least 2000 gallons of water a year


Don't be a nigger and pay for water.

Piss in the sink.

i collect it like you but i flush it down with toilet water...i dont want to grow piss stones in the pipes

You dumb fuck, the water department charges you twice for water...once on the liquids they provide you and again on the waste liquids that you dispose of. You're going to save at most 10 cents a month.

Shit, this is a bait thread isn't it?

>paying for a second jug when you can just drink them down again and get your electrolytes back too

I shit in thin plastic bags and throw bags and piss bottles once a month at 3AM out the window, I aim for the bushes.

You must be the mexican family who lives down the street from me.

degenerates like this need to be put into camps and eradicated ASAP

>under 200lbs
>adult male


Daily reminder there are humans as disgusting as this that walk among us.

You’re a disgusting filthy nigger tier animal.