Red pill me

Just started looking into this project.
Anyone want to red pill me? Seems promising, but there's obviously a lot to go over.

Tell me why you're invested in this coin...

its like chain links
but even better

not at all like link. go away pajeeeeeet

its a bank and whatever the amount of cash and assets flowing in and out of that bank = the market cap of jnt, not including speculation

they have fucking massive partnerships that are going to be dropped, seed is just beginning.

Fuck off. Smart fags only pajeets allowed.

Come on biz...why have you, or why have you not put your money in Jibrel?

Have they acquired a traditional bank? Is this something they plan on doing?

They are getting banking licenses or partners in multiple countries, due to KYC/AML requirements.

They have multiple pilots running with central banks.

They have so much interest from banks that they can basically pick and choose,

Timeline for accumulation: Until Q3.

t. holding 350k

only 6k, ~500 from ico. i'm getting more after today. boggles the mind why clients who are doing business with jibrel and know how this work aren't buying more.
maybe people are clueless, or maybe i'm just fooled by talal who talks a good game and nothing will happen.

buy Jibrl . . . but whatch out for the Shadow Fork

This would be frontrunning/insider trading. The central bank staff cannot buy Jibrel, because it would cause a conflict in interest.

Imagine you work for a central bank and have 200k JNT. A JNT competitor comes along and applies for the same thing. How are you to judge them objectively?

i thought crypto was a rules/ethic free zone

Fucking shitcoin. Made by arabs that are known liars.
>muh annoucement mid-end February.
Stupid ass pump and dump. The pajeet warned us and was right.

It is, but central banks aren't. Think about it, would you get away with this if you said: "B-but it's crypto, not stock!" If you are employed at a central bank?

I bought 7500 just because Don Tapscott is an advisor. Saw his ted talk and that was all I needed to know to get into ICX/Jib. That man wouldn't lead me wrong.. would he?

They partnered with SEED group, that was the announcement, they are just waiting for media to cover it too


The news is never actually coming out. I hope you know that.


What does this even mean? Why wouldn't the media cover it when it actually happened as opposed to weeks later? wtf

Moar liek Tap Donscott amirite?!

>unironically buying Jafar’s Nigger Token

>Implying a sandnigger website they made up matters

if I don't get at least a 100x out of this in 3 years I'm gonna lose my mind

Why is biz so racist? Stop letting political views cloud your judgement.

Uuh Oh ! I bought Jible Coin . . . did I get Link'd ?


just pray and you will make it

We got infested by /pol/

Muslim coin with potential for nefarious activities by sheiks and ISIS funding through jcash. This is toxic af. I would avoid at all costs.

It's a damn shame Don will end up in Guantanamo Bay over this, I like him. Don, what where you thinking???

looking to buy- all my other coins are in the shitter and i refuse to sell for a loss and dont want to put in fresh fiat. what do?

fomo in at $1

haha- i was thinking that earlier actually.

I am sorry you bought. Just hold now.

I mean it's technically impossible for it to go lower than zero so it will never actually be totally valueless.

JNT is disappointing because I've been waiting for it to get cheaper but it only gets cheaper as ETH gets cheaper, so I can't actually find a good chance to move my ETH into it.

what are USDT/JNT pairs for $420 sherlock

No. Stop coping. Talal said the they will cover the fucking ANNOUNCEMENT with the media outlets together and publish their own version. And guess what happend end of feb. Nothing

Seed group sneaky peaky added jibrel network to the partners and that's it.

If you don't understand how to play the game in the crypto world you will bleed away in months like several other projects. Talal invested in like 250 ICOs to look into the process and learn out of the mistakes, he should have followed these projects after the launch too to learn from it...

How often has he lied so far?
>2 BB exchanges at launch
>Promised kucoin AT day of launch
>Seed group details still no existing after half a month later
>Arabic interview translation in english promised 2 weeks ago

Adding to list after this week.
>New website launch
>New roadmap launch

why does any of this matter unless you want to trade it. there are plenty of other coins you can do that for.
the whole point of this is speculation on 1) adoption going well 2) proof of solvency not scrapped 3) DAO not scrapped. all this they tell you would happen in Q4

I bet you haven't held LINK since post-Sibos.

>New website launch
>New roadmap launch

Where did you hear that this was supposed to release this week? Last I heard he said these things were due in March, not a specific week.

On my wagecuck PC right now, but he said it in the fucked up TG group (the only Jibrel Network information source) - and i also got the specific date (this week) from talal himself, you can PM him and he will share basically everything with you.

>why does any of this matter unless you
Seems like you are new in the crypto world. Long term hodling is a meme. The majority is dead after several months and the same shit will happen to them if they keep giving away random dates, have zero social media exposure.
>Inbefore this coin only needs regulated money

You are right, i have sold LINK 5mins before the Sergey started to speak. And guess who made more money afterwards? Fucking opportunity costs, i am not here to be emotional bounded to projects.

Absolute steal right now

do you like getting justed? buy JNT now!

What's with Veeky Forums shilling random bags of shit.
Fuck off pajeet, shoo shoo, find another board to stink up

With a chart like this, why would I think it's going up?

>i have sold LINK 5mins before the Sergey started to speak
fucking retard, the pump began WHILE Sergey was speaking, I sold then too and made a killing after it eventually fell back to earth like 5 days later

Imagine your poorfag wagecuck life is a bus

buying JNT is like strapping TNT to yourself and blowing that fucker to smiterines


Its this user again, you should really get a fucking tripcode so I dont have to wade through your shit every time.

Kek none of what you write matters except for short term gains, I’m sorry you wanted this to pump and got stuck. Where you the person in the telegram Talal actually had to spell out to that they are not concentrating on communication because they care about business partners and adaptation and not hype? Are you still butthurt from that?

This coin was shilled as a long term hold from the getgo, and it still is.

hot off the press

Great. Another deadline they can fail to meet. I'm looking forward to it so I can laugh it you cucks some more.

Adding this to my list.

You are right, but time a conference at its peak isn't that easy...Better sell earlier than too late....Flipped my stinky presale bags like a god

You are right. I believe in the long term goals of a project, when you cannot even keep up with your own deadlines.

I guess we'll find out in a couple of days!

Absolute scam, typical shtcoin
>promise jcash right after the ico
only for institutions and MONTHS after
>promise 2 out of BBB exchanges
>promise Kucoin RIGHT AFTER the ico
days of delay
promise announcement by the end of february

bunch of arab scammers
>hurr we are so professional durr

the definition of VAPORWARE.

Already did a sum up bro. We need to cordinate better via discord

capped, I'll be watching for your pink wojacks EOY

$0,360853 USD (-6,66%)

>More time to accumulate

they better wait a bit more and those shitcoins will be given away for free on etherdelta

Forgot we are all the same
Doesnt matter blacks have

So we are not all the same? Thanks user for the uselss story.

this may moon long term but the only short/mid terms gains will be from speculation. jibrel isn't going to tokenize assets just so a bunch of neets can dump on them. the coin will need to have an actual use first but who knows when that will happen

errr, new website, jsearch,new roadmap,desktop wallet,mobile wallet, partnership annoncements, amount tokenized, banks they are working, marketing, binance listing, bitfinex listing, banking license,jcash release etc etc.Id say jibrel has more short term than most other coins.Just because people can see how huge it is in the long term, doesnt mean it doesnt have an assload of short and mid term news and releases coming.Stop parroting what you hear other uneducated people say and learn to think for yourself, its why so few make it in crypto.

>Missing every deadline.

Nothing to add to your wall of keywords with nothing more than theory and a concept behind it.

0/10 reply.

>new website
who cares lol especially nowadays, the days of shitcoins pumping because of a new wordpress shitsite are long gone
what for?
>new roadmap
they couldn't even deliver on the previous one lmao
>desktop wallet,mobile wallet
what for? are they gonna be better than mew + ledger? lmao
>partnership annoncements,
>amount tokenized
0 (Z E R O)
>banks they are working
a.k.a shilling a shitcoin
>binance listing
in your dreams, binance doesn't list scams who cannot deliver on simple goals
>bitfinex listing
maybe if they lick some dicks around, quick bump and back to bleeding
>banking license
never gonna happen just wait and you'll see
>jcash release
wasn't it supposed to be released right after the ico? lmao

Absolute vaporware trash.

why are you idiots holding this, just sell it please.

>jCash roll out for EVERYONE and AT DAY OF LAUNCH
delayed and broken promise
>2BB exchange listing AT THE DAY of launch...
guess that is your imminent bitfinex / binance listing - delayed / broken promise
Clearly not even developed , listen to boxmining Interview - Not their core focus
Only in their alpha, that is garbage for months of developing
>partnership announcement
non excisting details, mid to end of feb was promised...i guess broken and promise is sunday / monday...guess it will be broken again
>Banking license
Do you know how many crypto projects are marketing with that? Sounds good in theory and will never happen. At least the have dated this milestone for Q3, so the majority will forget about it
>New roadmap and new Website
Is set to launch this week? Do you believe it will come? The odds aren't with you

You people really think I give a shit about announcements coming later when the potential upside is so huge? I’ve been buying the dip and will continue to do so if it falls further, if we get institutional adoption this will be the moon mission to end all others. Literally is backed by the sheikh of Dubai and you fuckers think I care that the CEO was over-enthusiastic in the telegram chat about media dates? Yeah, that Zuckerberg, hes a real dweeb, I’m not gonna buy any of his facebook stocks, not at 35 cents.

none of your points made any sense.You honestly come across as an 82 iq individual,Im wondering why you even bothered to type all that out.If you are going to fud so badly then just write one line, and try to be witty, not 20 lines of humorless shit that everyone can see has no basis or logic.

aren't you busy "accumulating" at those glorious prices?

If it only would be announcements...

shit-tier fud what a fag