Need Helpppp!

Need Helpppp!
>20 years old
>broke as fuck
>studying economy in college
>have my own car

I nee money! But the issue is that because if college I can't work in the day, only at night. What places do Biz/ recomends to start working as a wage slave over night?

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Fast food. Bartender. Night-time clerk.

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All bars ask for 1 year experience, I currently just have 6 months experience at a construction warehouse. Also, I have long hair and thats an issue also

do you think I have a chance at a table dance as a guard or something?

>needs money
>hasn't joined the prestige group.


which prestige group?


Cut your fucking hair if thats an issue.
Just ask around bars in your college town one of them will need a barback. Start there

What is your major?

Or go into the alley and see if they will hire you to bareback

rent your car out to someone to use as an uber during the day and collect 25% of their earnings. then you drive uber at night

I don't have one, Im currently getting my degree

>OP doesn't realize this is good advice
I've done it myself OP, not in bartending but other industries where you have experience.

If you have good people skills you can make great money bartending or waiting tablesafter you learn the trade, get experience and find work at a good bar/restaurant..

Print out 100 resumes, keep them simple and go to brs/restaurants. Restaurants often slow down after lunch this i a good time to find a manager.
>dress appropriate
>firm handshake, eye contact, confidence
>good talker
>doesnt even look at your resume

If you lack social skills, try to make some money in Alaska over the summer.
>the slope/oil
You just need to approach, In Person, get rejected and keep appoaching. Persistence.

Or trade crypto at night and buy things with your gains.
Guess you'll need fiat for beer and food though.

>getting a degree
>majoring in nothing

My car doesn't fit the requirements to function as uber

This sounds good.

Also some universities have communist collectives/"foodd co-opc" where you can show up whenever you want, work whatever hours you want and get paid in store credit/food credit.

Im not from the US so I really don't know the difference. I finished high school and im currently in university getting my economy diploma, so yeah

Pizza delivery

In and out Burger


Sell the car, buy a bike and live within biking distance of college. Check if your school offers work study, then apply.

You can get scholarships while you're at school. Keep applying.

Create content and work at retail or Kroger’s.
Get in these jobs in summer get your tax returns early and invest in crypto as soon as you save $500-$600 bucks.
Only invest in $40-$100 bucks so you won’t lose anything.

don't know what country you're in but the states UPS has a program for students.

Actually, you might want to hold on to your car. Forget that part.

K so you should probably just drop out from the sound of it. Get a job and learn the game. Non stem fields are pointless unless you are really "passionate" about whatever you are going into.

Is investing in crypto safe? Ive been wanting to invest but since I don't have that much money, Im doubting

So should I apply for a schoolarship?

how about actually applying for a night time job on a job board and not a faggot board you fucking retard faggot

Switch to computer science. It's not too late user!

Ive been searching for a night time job for about 2 months but every time Im missing one or two requirements. Thats why in a desperate attempt, I asked Veeky Forums


you sound like my brothers ex-wife.. she cant work and go to school at the same time...
yet every single day people do it... in fact something like 90% of all college students do work

I have class from 8 am to 1 pm then from 5 pm to 8 pm, thats why im looking for a night time job. I literally can't work on the day, the free hours arent a complete shift.

If you go out in today's world without a comp sci degree or some sort of trade skill you're fucked. Even if you don't end up using it, it's still better than a fucking economics degree. Only rich fucks with connections or someone with a 140+ IQ can make any use out of a Finance related degree these days.

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Sell on amazon. Screenshot is my sales after 6th month.

fuck, that hit hard

Computer are the future. Social media sites are replacing TV, blockchain and smartcontacts could replace banks and courts to some degree.

Know computers and you can start your own startup, make tens of millions or at least try to.

The Economics Degreeis part of the 20th Century jewish order, competion is high and opportunities are diminishing.

>Go to bars with copies of your resume between 1 and 5, this is the perfect time.
>look eager but not too eager
>get night job as barback
>get promotion to bartender afer a while
>move up to higher end bar

damn boiiiii, what sort of goods do you sell?

What do you sell?

This seems pretty useful actually

about 100 skus. Commonly used building products - tools etc. Also I found quick revenue hunting abandoned listings (2010 and before) and jumping on them with identical products. It's passive income after the initial grind. I could go full NEET right now and be comfy but I want to build a company. This is only the beginning

Willing to help if willing to learn.

even in the trades to be anything more than a dumb grunt you need to beable to use a computer... I run around with an i-pad all day just so I can keep all the prints with me while I make my rounds, plus I can have a tons other info with me and internet access incase something comes up, then go back to the laptop and draw out plans and coordinate, and order materials ect... shit kind of sucks I wish I could go back to the good old days when it was a little slower but also simpler.

Yeah I'd be intrested

Start here:

>Prestige Group is a property development company in South India.


im eager to learn

I already know about computers, I used to build computers and give maintenance to my friend's pc, what else should I learn besides basic programing?

If you want to see the ECON degree through this is an important thing for you to do. Because let's be honest, if you want to get anywhere in ECON besides being a "Wall St." trader-type you'll need a Graduate Degree
>at least 6 more years of this

Then when you graduate, it may take a while to find well-paying work.

Dont now about Europe but in the US, universities and colleges are stacked with adjunct positions. These pay terrible money but you may end having to do it.

Learning to bartend
>spending money in college
>good money when you really learn it
>something to fall back on
>something to hold you up after college if there isn't a job waiting
>something to hold you up, if you want into academia and take an adjunct job

Weak obvious bait

You're the one studying economy dumbass you figure it out.

Uber/pizza delivery/drug dealer

Also you can take dogs for walk. I.e. drop them off at dog park and study for an hour. $25 an hour after tax during day then uber at night. You could clear around $600 a week without fucking up your sleep.cycle

i already worked selling weed and pills and made around 1,000 over 4 to 5 months but I almost got caught, never again lol

I liked the dogs idea, but my car cant be used in uber

this seems like a great analysis actually

Comp sci and you won't have to worry about working during college