Link shilling

I've never seen link shilled this hard, and that is really saying something. What the fuck is happening?

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Heavy bags need a big dumpster.

It definitely means sell. Market sell all your link right now.

*Puts noes in between her toes*


Agreed. It's really weird.

I actually don't have any link because I am not a complete retard

I don't know but I'm fucking sick of this

the death of a board
smart people have all left now you're stuck with retards

in obvious pajeet gibbering. did some asshole hire pajeets to shill or is this an effort to paint link as a pajeet project? or it could be autist pajeets or human autists. numerous possibilities, none that are really interesting.

I see you too are a man of culture

Discord groups want to dump
Go into any shill thread and call them out and watch the replies, nails in coffin.
Everything related to this shitcoin needs to be an instant range ban.

cant beat em, join em'

We've even shilled it on national television.


stinkies shitting their pants

>his plan was to get LINK banned all along


it's the singularity

source? her face looks so familiar to an ex-girlfriend of mine.

Stop larping

The fuck would I larp for? I said her face SORTA looks like an ex of mine, the smile specifically since I can’t see fuck else beyond those sunglasses. I never said it was her you mong

>Le coffee with btc
So tired of this meme

>make dozens of posts shilling or mentioning link on biz
>make a post on biz mentioning the high number of link posts you yourself created

The absolute state of biz.

nobody gives a fuck, go write a blog you larping faggot


its just a meme

Do you know how ponzi schemes work?

Image source OP?

this high waisted shit is getting out of hand