I am a developer for Witnet, a decentralized oracle solution


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how do you solve the oracle problem

Why did you decide to work on something like that when you could just hold link and be a millionaire?

What kind of development do you do

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they dont give u r tokens until mainnet which is after 24-36 months. fuck off. come back after 2 yrs to talk about it

What do you think about Chainlink

Are you a wetback or the kike?
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The Oracle Problem doesn't have a sure and true solution at this point - the problem can only be minimized because primary data sources carry some degree of trust. So what we aim to do is to make data transfer as trustless as possible.

I hold LINK

I work on the Rust implementation of Witnet.

Without TEEs, how does the query sent to the oracle remain confidential?

>So what we aim to do is to make data transfer as trustless as possible.

How is that different from chainlink? It already has end to end trustless smart contracts in its design.

It's great, I hold some. I sometimes doubt that they have enough manpower to pull it off though.

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We usually use L's or R's since we can't use T's.

>Johann Ortiz

I would have invested in your token right now but republic makes you hold securities for 12 months. Sorry bruh. Good intro material though from you or your team.

So there will be no way to conceal the request sent to the oracles?

The FAQ specifically calls out trusted execution environments as "specialized" oracles, but they have their propose even for a general setting. If an endpoint requires authentication, I don't want the oracle knowing that information and I don't want it available on the blockchain.

Gunna take a look at the quite paper - are you planning an ICO or-? Overall looks good. I am a Witnet pajeet now

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Also how does fixed reputation points grant Sybil attack immunity? The link referenced in the white paper [12] is dead.