What the fuck is going on

what the fuck is going on

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It’s called shilling.

I wish I owned 5 million LINK so that I could drive its price right into the fucking center of the Earth

link is a paid shill.. it's literally a complete scam.

it's the fucking end of days. I'm seriously considering market dumping

Veeky Forums as usual.

10 link shill threads
3 threads of whatever coin is up 2-5% that day
3 threads of happenings/conspiracies
2 bcash shill threads, bumped just before they fall off
1 off topic thread that is unironically getting the most replies

im a link guy myself. this isnt the usual though. no link marine call out... now that i mention it, it will happen. in addition, this will probably be dubs or trips or septuplits or something.

ps just bought more

The LINK puppetmasters lost important holdings due to "le hack" and need to put their useful idiots in motion faster to recoup loses

literally everyone is talking about bazingacoin

I'll never touch that shit thanks to those pajeets

Agree, and if i had a possibility to gas someone, i would like to gas linkbrainlets.


first day on Veeky Forums?

It's literally the same guy who's making them.

This is the most elaborate and effective FUD yet. Better than toilet memes...better than the fiver kid.

Honestly I've been feeling as if there were less link threads than usual today. Maybe I'm mentally filtering them out, but sometimes it's a lot worse.

Venezuelans are getting paid to shill crypto. They're getting up to $2 a week to spam on biz

Held LINK since October.

Fucking /nubiz/ autists with their 5k lunch money stacks ruining it for everyone.

I'm actually a linkie and I haven't seen anything like this in literally weeks. Not even during the last conference when there were literal biz faggots livestreaming it.
I don't like this. It feels ominous.

binance ching chong on tweeter said they reimbursed everyone who was bamboozled.

I too, am a Linkie - I think it is just fellow marines trying to fuck everyone off like they did with their fiver videos - they'll give up soon

Some buttmad autist is trying to get link banned

You're kidding, it's been this way for months. I have them filtered but there's usually at least 12 threads at any given time.

except it's not annoying if you have chainlink, it's just curious.

So? it still set in motion their plan of draining more money out of the retards

I don't think that many people hold Chainlink here, it's the few same whales who post a lot.

>one day all these threads will be called "the flippening" instead of "shilling"

It's called bots

Where did all the ARK posters go what the fuck.

It's getting close to unreadable. Just ban all chainlink posts, thanks.

>he didnt filter link many months ago
how to spot a newfag

blame discord.
literally a program made to help shills congregate.

>not having link in filters


It could be a good idea, maybe for a few months. REDDIT and /r/cryptocurrency has done it with VEN because of similar shenanigans, banning and word filtering Link posts for a 4 to 6 months might quiet things down.

Pajeets in indian shillcentres working 24/7

i don't understand the strategy. why not market to people who aren't retarded and have money? this much time/effort could be better spent.

>Get banned for posting sort of shilling thread.
>30 link threads at any given time.
Mods are stinky linkies. Fuck you

>he hasn't made his own OC link meme

and so fucking what? For that reason you are spamming with your shit? Just kill yourself, you are generating a opposite reaction towards linkniggers. This is just overdose.

I'm not even sure they're trying to sell and market it that much, they're just shitposting and circle jerking and treating Veeky Forums as their private forum, which, unless they're temporarily banned, might as well be.

>why not attempt to trick people who aren't retarded
Gee i wonder

Also Veeky Forums holds more influence on crypto than most people would like to admit, just like when ETH flash crashed due to constant posts over here claiming Vitalik died that everyone on the internet believed

Russian bots. Would you really buy a token created by "Sergey"?

>have lots of money
>retarded enough to spend money on link

Choose one

If you can’t trust an anonymous internet message board for financial advice who CAN you trust? Sad

The memes had me go balls deep at 8k sats. YOU SAID I WOULD BE RICH BIZ.

Its crashing right now with everything else so its actually on sale for a decent price...problem is its probably not over

I got caught by the memes too when I first came here, but after a while you realize how things really are, and it's a good lesson, as in that it teaches you not to trust others to have your best interest at heart when money is involved, and it teaches you to not get caught in the hype and think for yourself critically. That's the one positive thing about this, it's kind of the huge trap you have to step over or get out of before you're ready to take part in the market.

Some Link bag holder is panicking and is trying to pump up the price to sell his bags.


this is some elaborate fud

It's the usual Veeky Forums.

Without the multiple daily shills, probably LINK right now would be below ICO's price, bought only by Sergey's mom, Rory's uncle and Steve's grandma.
It really makes you think.

its definitely coordinated. the titles are all super lazy and the memes are trash. not natural at all. cant tell what the end game is just yet...

trying to get you to sell your bags tbhfam. unfortunately it is a serious project. i wish it was not so i could like the memes. it is coordinated to discredit fosho. i just ignore them at this point.

interesting strategy tbhfam





paid shills.

we need a new fucking board for crypto
/cry/ would be fitting


short for cryptards

It'll just be roody poo posting all over again.

PnD preparation. Manufacturing consensus.


One guy shilling. He's trying to get you morons to pump before he sells

there are 31 link thread right now

Amazing what word filters can do. I didn't see any of these posts.

Link chain chainlink Sergey

So much shilling yet the price stays the same lmao
>t. 20k bagholder

Well said.

Ever heard of the nigerian scam? Well with crypto you just pick a shitty coin and spam it on Veeky Forums and a year later dump on the faggots.

Man you think this is bad you should've seen the state of this place when Link got listed on Binance. It was fucking retarded. I've had a filter on ever since

Paid shilling opening up again. They are Indians who get paid a few $ every thread. Someone here shared the website where they get their projects from, it's pathetic.

Oracles can't be trusted so chainlink is making oracles that can trusted cool story but how is it going to do that exactly? Has anyone asked that question

pretty stupid desu, "link" is a pretty general term, you're gonna miss out on alot of non-chainlink threads.


Wise up. People are fudding it by attempting to get link threads filtered or possibly even banned.

You have to be a moron to think these are actual pajeet shill threads

theory is that someone is trying to ban all linkthreads

This board has been invaded we need to do something about this. Now it's linkchain which you idiots own so you're happy but tomorrow it will be another shit coin being spammed here. The company offering this spamming services to coin is only going to thrive and find more clients.

We need to do something about this now.

Any ideas?

Add flags and rangeban India and Brazil

I'd really like flags on here, would be way funnier.

Can we email someone for this shit