Whalepool just announced in telegram sell GVT because it is an unregistered security with the SEC

Whalepool just announced in telegram sell GVT because it is an unregistered security with the SEC.

i put like 10k in this i think i will self half and see if this has any merit.

which pool

Yeah saw this coming. Selling before this hits normie news

whalepool telegram. I glanced over GVT website what iwth the grammar errors. they spell Advisors as Advisers. Also in the FAQ the same questions are asked twice and last question is answered with poor grammar. Unprofessional imo. Even the CEO name is spelled different than on his linkedin account.

How does the sec regulate a token like this? It’s not us based. Does it have something to do with the forex trading?

I had a feeling there was something up with this token.

well the manager tokens can be owned by managers within the US where most forex managers and brokerages are located. The porblem is more with the manager tokens than gvt token. THe porblem is gvt is a utility tokens and if no ones uses it on platform to buy managers tokens the price will dump and never rise.

well its dumping hard right now i jsut sold my stack for 20% profit at least will buy back later if SEC clears GVT.

I see. it's past ICO stage too, so I think it might be less of an issue. I keep hearing about regulations for ICOs not when it's on the secondary market.

Are you retarded. Advisers is UK spelling

It was a fun 2 week ride, but the gainz must end...... we wuz kangz.......

I'm just not from the UK. Still there are numerous grammar errors on their website. Check the FAQ section, the question "What is GVT token used for" is asked twice. The last question about token burn says the coins "was" burned instead of "were" burned.

Got any screenshots I can't find anything about it on the whalepool telegram

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nice fud attempt.... just fomo

(for anyone who thought this is real, the team is very familiar with financial rules and has definitely thought this through already)

The GVT team is more focused on the development ( and has actually stated the token has no use but speculation until the platform is live ) and not on marketing ( their current goal is getting the Alpha version out - marketing starts after that as per the roadmap )

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The screenshots don't exist, OP is just LARPing.



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