RLC. This shit just won't stop

Kek at all the fags who will watch RLC moon from the sidelines.

tnx, just bought 100k.

Fucking right

what's the reason for the pump? i literally just bought last night at 0.001630 on the ETH ratio. wondering if i should sell now and buy back in later

We top 100 nao.

because RLC is the future

Im all in with this comfy hold. Not even concerned with the swing trading. Call me in 2019 when im sailing away in my lamboyacht

how many you got?

Is this THE pump, fellow /iexec/utives? I sorely want to make it finally.


damn dude i have 10% of that. good shit m8

15k holder here. One of my longest holds

nice ull be rich in may!

tfw fell for the diversification meme do it's only 10% of my stack

Only have 2.2k but I’m accumulating to 5k

is this your main hold?

When is it stopping?

I honestly dont see why this is mooning.

I can only assume manipulation but ffs.


Zoom out

Someone will be ass raped soon.

Conference today.

So comfy holding this

Take notes SIRGAy -- this is how you OWN a room

iExec and LINK are actually very similar, great projects that have no marketing, just focus on the tech.

I fudded earlier today at 12900 satoshi and I really want back in. I had been holding for a while, one of the few whitepapers I got through. It's starting to look like an entry is opening up. Where would you feel comfortable?

Sub 50c like me llllel

Hahahahaha dumbass, in 2020 LINK won't even exist

wait for few days, it will drop sub 50 cent, then enter. this is pump and dump

>Sub 50 cent
LMFAO you wish. Thatd be back to ico levels.

rlc is good. but my only concern is they building on top of eth. why not that have their own blockchain ?

It's blockchain agnostic, faggot.

but their website they building on eth based

A PoC will be conducted in 2018 to demonstrate how iExec can be run on a blockchain other than Ethereum.

BAR also doing similar right ? also aelf ? wts diff?

Those are shitcoins. iExec is lightyears ahead.

6k reporting in

aelf is a chink shitcoin, the team is literally all chongs

One of my longest holds ( almost a year now)
Holding 15K still believe that this coin will survive the shitcoin purge.

A-class Team with a huge potential market. Still undervalued imo.

easily 10x and that is conservative

this will be like amazon when the bubble pops.


newgay here i couldnt find iexec on coinbase but found one called trx on a site called bitfinex. i got 50 of the ixec

U must be really new and really gay

ixec and trx is the same, you should be fine

It's a PnD, look at the year chart, there are countless of them, it's good to scalp but it's still going sub 10k before May.

u wish faggot. fact is everyone and their grandma are gonna sell off other shitcoins and buy this one in april, but by then it will be alot more expensive

It better be, 16k buy order at 9000 sats waiting.

It won't go that low. I sold some at 16-17k sats, will aim my buys around 11-13k

You think it will go at 11-13k ?
I don't know. Looks like a correction of an underrated coin.

Everyone said that about their crypto of choice before the bear market.