Huge purchase of ChainLINK

Some one just picked up 1.8xx mil

what is going on? During all of this activia?

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This is unfortunately the most interesting and informative thread on the whole catalog right now. Fucking pajeets I swear

dunno, got proof?


thanks just sold 1.8xx mil

Bog if true

Holding my 10k till dec 31st.


Sorry lads fat fingers here. Meant to buy 180. I'll be selling the excess I bought shortly

Dear god

this was me. but why is this worthy enough for a Veeky Forums post lol?

seeing a low vol spike on binance. Was the buy on huobi?

I fucking knew something was going on

OP is fucking retarded. Only ~50k linkies moved around during that spike that just happened. Off by 1.5 magnitudes.

Zoom out to hour view and it looks like literally nothing, because it isn't.

Here, how to see a longer market trade history on binance?

It was me. Bought 2000 of them. LOL

Lol why? Memes finally get to ya?

fuk u user

>1.8 million LINK
>1 OMG
kek OMG confirmed shit

so why hasnt the price gone up more? thats a fucking lot of link.

Made me look, fuck you

actually, he bought and sold about 150,000 OMG in August last year, near the BTC ATH


he probably didn't buy it all right now, the whale transferred it somewhere

neither binance nor huobi had that volume. It didn't happen. I've seen a million get purchased in the span of 15 minutes though.

Also, I just realized I've dropped in wallet rank by 10 or so the past week (top300). Nice.

I thought it said from a binance wallet but could be wrong. Phone posting now, not at PC where I looked it up

Just sharing this. U of I offering course work regarding smart contracts. Taught by a guy who was an advisor to chain link