Help a /pol/ack out!

Hi, Veeky Forums. This is my first time on this board. I found out about /pol/ several months ago and have been lurking there as told. That is beside the point though. I heard you guys are a bunch of 20 something ballers with 7 figure net worth because of crypto. Is it too late to get in? If so, how do I "take the plunge" into crypto?

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sell everything you own and put it into LTC anything less and you're a faggot

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Kek, i knew all the december dumb money was coming from /Pol

Buy WTC. That is all.

the trick is holding on during the down turns (like right now) and riding it high later.

btw, chainlink ;)

I usually don't like /pol/tards, but you seem like a good goy
buy link

>I heard you guys are a bunch of 20 something ballers with 7 figure net worth because of crypto

You mean manchild failures who are gambling away their mothers money with no slightest idea of economy?


buy chainlink

Chainlink made me wealthy. It can make you and your family wealthy too.

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I’m new here too. How should I start investing and where do I do it?

Is chainlink a troll or something I should look into?

prostitute yourself for bitcoins... I can pay you satoshis

Buy Chainlink now if you want to be rich fast.

It's like Starting Strength on Veeky Forums. Seems like a troll to newfags but is actually based as fuck.

Yes, Chainlink made me a very wealthy man. If you buy Chainlink you can be very rich soon. It can happen to you.

Buy XLM, it's basically the flagship coin of /pol/

you won't be dissapointed

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link is a total troll. just buy btc eth xmr for now, any other coin will bleed in this bear market

All seriousness huge dips like
This are the best time to buy. Don’t try to daytrade u will lose money, buy ETH maybe some BTC if it goes below 7k, XMR is a pretty safe bet. If you want to gamble on a shit coin I suggest FUN, but keep 70% of your investment a blue chip coin like ETH or BTC and don’t invest more than you can afford to lose. heil Hitler.


all in Monero

>mid 6 figure net worth thanks to crypto
can tell you honestly it's not too late. Now is actually a pretty good time to start buying. Buy in at the bear market, which is now. When you see articles like this:
it means it's a good time to buy. Also look at something like that's supposed to follow the dollar like the steam dollar coin, which is mid $2 now, suggesting we are only slightly overvalued if at all.

Recognize that crypto is not going away, how many times have there been articles and stories that scream "this will be the death of bitcoin". Seriously go do a search, I guarantee you will find at least 10 in less than 30 minutes....and yet here we still are with btc at 10k.


The smart way to do this, is buy LONG into the most technologically advanced and quickly developing platform, such as Eth. If you like risk, leverage buy. You will be rewarded.

not even bad advice
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I decided bitcoin will be 30k this year and I am sticking to that. Use that info as you will

Buy Iota. It supports putting refugees in smart concentration camps.

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>I decided bitcoin will be 30k this year and I am sticking to that. Use that info as you will
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Save as much money as you can, wait 2 months, then put your entire life on $JAGX, wait for it to go up 300%, then sell

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>I decided bitcoin will be 30k this year and I am sticking to that. Use that info as you will


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dont buy chainlink, it is completely worthless and people suggesting you to entertain it are either trolling or sadistic

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Please sir, mobius is great coin and makes you rich soon,

This is the type of troll to watch out for here. Simply go do your own research on chainlink and you'll realise that we've stumbled upon something with the biggest use case for block chain technology to date so far.

KYS is a great coin, i also own some KYS

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except its usually shitcoins with little use which moon

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