Below 3k sats

>below 3k sats

Haha, shortly before all of this, I decided the best way to shelter myself during the dip was to consolidate in some of the big caps that I considered to have the most potential. So I went all in on ICX and ADA. Glad I took the "do not invest more than you're willing to lose" seriously.

LMFAO, it's cheaper now that it was when I bought it on the first day on Binance. HAhAHAHA *Breaths* HAHAHAHAHA

Should I sell

Unless I'm missing something, it's still much higher than the first day it was on Binance - in fiat, sats and gwei.


Classic buy high sell low user, go for it.

>TFW bought in above 7 dollars

Below 30k. You're retarded.


Binance doesn't show the last digit for ICX. (As a matter of fact, that seems to vary for some coins and tokens; anyone knows why?)

Generally once they get high enough they start to remove the trailing digits. ETH only goes to 6.

Interesting, thanks. I had also noticed that it looks like people using the API can sometimes put trades with an extra digit than the ones trading through the website's interface. I guess they might explain all of this in their support section, I should have a look at it.

yea unless they bought it in the first 2 minutes when it was crazy high they're lying. I picked up between 0.0016 and 0.003eth the first day so I'm still sitting comfy.
rip all those potential gains tho

I bought fairly high, I but did small trades to soften the fall, which means I'm still in the green for ICX, but not even 1%. About breaking even right now (ADA is another story, I hadn't opened Delta in a while, and even though I keep full faith in it, it's.. depressing right now to say the least).

Seriously am I ever getting my money back?

Maybe? It depends at what point you bought and if this "the end of crypto" or not. As far as I'm concerned, you have a lot more chances to profit from a coin like ICX if you're patient than you would be with some random utility token that doesn't fill any true need.

End of crypto? What the fuck are you talking about?

Multi-year bear market is what he's worried about I'm sure, crypto will still be around forever in some form. As long as we have the internet at least.

I didn't meant to imply that it was, only that there's a non-zero chance that it is. You asked if you were going to get your money back. The answer is "who knows". I keep holding ICX, so I think it's going to rise again, but we've got literally no way to tell. It's possible we're heading back to last year's prices for most things, which means ICX might go under a dollar - just like it might go back to ATH and above it.

>I used to feel like Mr big dick for buying at 3.25

Remember that on the journey to zero I will be right at your retarded, dumbfuck, deluded-ass side. ICON GANG TILL I DIE

What’s the token value of iCon? Will Aion or Wanchain achieve a similar result?