Our Army is growing bigger Veeky Forums, we are getting the first results from yesterday shilling on plebbit/discord/telegram. The volume on Etherdelta has been incredible and in the next days we will make it even brighter.

>What is NintendoCoin?
It's our new coin. We want to prove that blockchain can keep us free from any form of tyranny and censorship, including the motherfucking IP.

> What's NintendoCoin benefits?
As most of the Crypto, all the holders will benefit from the coming speculation and FOMO from normies and brainlets. We are also aiming to "force" Nintendo to buy back all those coins, since there is no way they can remove from the exchanges. Target price will be 2$ per NintendoCoin.

>Where to get NintendoCoin?
The Airdrop on biz and Etherdelta has been closed. Now it can be purchased for few cents on Etherdelta at this link:

> Next Steps
We are working to get it listed on Yobit (paid listing) and HitBTC. We are discussing also with 3 Chinese exchanges for paid listing: COINBENE, EXX and BIBOX.

Meh, why not.

Another day, another scam coin promoted on biz

>target price 2$
>sells 1.7 million for less than a cent according to order book

Shoo shoo pajeet

The market will make the price. We secured 1 Million tokens that will keep the price above a certain level.

Nintendo has to pay the price we decide if they want to remove this.

Nintendo doesn't have to pay anything kek

Nice 250k sell order there.

Oh look, is pajeet again.

When nobody bites you take what you can get

>thinking Nintendo will buy an erc20 token
You know they aren't unique by the way right?

Well you guys didn't want to get in so I sold. If you guys don't want to join in it will fail. These coins need a big community or they go to shit.

>nobody wanted to buy my scam so I sold

Your benefits were retarded.
Buy back? Anyone can list on ED. It isn't an official listing so who would give a fuck.
And if it was on any real exchange Nintendo could force them to remove it and probably sue the exchange
And again. ERC20. Anyone can make a town named Nintendocoin with NTD as the token symbol and 3 million supply

You talk like you don't know anything about crypto which isn't surprising since it's a scam after all.

I'm not the Dev I just thought it was a good idea. But when nobody wants to join in its time to sell. And the Dev keeps posting fake shit instead of being honest. I think he's an idiot kek and for that reason I'm out.

>believes theres a "dev"

Coin creator I guess

I think you will regret this. The army is working for creating value for the coins.

We keep offering at a steal price and maybe will airdrop some later for those joining the cause.

It does seem a little silly, but it'll probably draw some attention.

I threw a few bucks at it. Not willing to go deep, but wouldn't mind an easy hundred or so.

Not buying your scamcoin pajeet

>all the holders will benefit from the coming speculation and FOMO from normies and brainlets.
Literally the definition of greater fool theory. A coin with no value other than as a speculative instrument. May as well name it tulipcoin

Just wait until it will get attention (negative or positive) on the first media.

We created this on the purpose to enjoy the speculation, that's why we will keep airdropping some every now and then.

This is the right mindset of a Veeky Forumsnessman, not the fudding you guys are spreading.

Oh and FYI, we reported thi "abuse" of IP already to cointelegraph/btctalk/bitcoinnews waiting for them to publish a bad article about this.

I like the dirtiness of this, i.may.not wait for a dollar, but I will chill n see where this.goes.

Thanks, appreciate that. We are working to make it as dirty as possible, but still we want the whole community benefit from this.

>all the holders will benefit from the coming speculation and FOMO from normies and brainlets
You're literally calling the people that buy this token brainlets. Makes sense due to the fact that they'd be purchasing a scam coin

I call them wise guys which can take advantages of normies and brainlets.

>desperate pajeet who spent all his eth to push this token onto the blockchain now wants you to buy his token

the thread

> desperate fudders who spent all his eth into Link which is now dumping and dying and they throw their rage towards everything.


why would you close your own thread you fucking idiot

more like Nintendon't buy this garbage coin