TA fag here i can confirm that a downtrend to 4k has already developed

TA fag here i can confirm that a downtrend to 4k has already developed.
it wont happen immediately but your spring/early summer bull run most likely wont happen.
there most likely will be a minor retracement and thats when you should consider shorting/tethering up.
If you think about it this is completely healthy. the run up from 150 to 800 bil market cap was completely unsustainable.
Hell even if the market went from just 150 to 400 now it's still quite bubbly.
Anyways what we need is steady organic growth, not this heavy swaying bullshit.
I don't expect you guys to read this long ass text or believe me but take what you will from this. I don't gain anything from this just an fyi biz has no impact on the market I just thought i would post some meaningful shit to counter the fuckheads trying to screw people over with their shitcoin shills.
Also i like your memes.
fuck reddit you're all fags.
Also the image: take a look at the median bollinger, that shit has always been an upward slope. until now that is.

good luck ppl

>minor retracement
to where? 10.1k and 11k both look possible to me.

>TA fag
>bollinger bands

well, you are a fag. not a very good one at that if you're using meme bands that mean absolutely nothing.

So you follow your TA all day and discard what can happen IRL like FUD etc?

What makes you 100% sure of your claims.

I counter your bear card with a:
What if extremely bullish news comes out?

What do your meme lines say then?

I agree we are in a downtrend but your TA only works on the assumption that sentiment is bad

looks like a bullish pennant to me

>no support

If Donald Trump came on TV and personally endorsed bitcoin, that might be enough...

bull run confirmed, OP btfo

TA is fucking useless now. Japanese trustee whale will always be there to dump when he feels like it

>using TA now that we have confirmation that a whale can easily manipulate the market

Do you consider that outside the realm of possibility? Even if he utters its name it'll move.

Minuchin don't like bitcoin
Also there will be intense russia FUD, leave trump out of this


pls teach me
something like this sticks out like a sore thumb
nothing's 100 percent but at the same time these signs have not appeared in recent history, even when you consider early feb.
im looking at 1 week charts, it doesn't consider what happened in the last day

also please stop posting i need to do more productive stuff in my life

bitmain whales will fix it 20k end of july

Protip: they dunmp in predictable cycles

4k your dreaming you faggot

What happened in the last day is irrelevant you dumb nigger. The decline since January and every large dip since then has been caused by the Mt Gox trustee.

>downtrend to 4k
>you are fucking halluicinating
perhaps you cannot read but this is Mt. Gox dumping fat loads onto us coupled with binance having mooks for IT

It might be a wild and wooly week but it is no doomsday.

>meme bands
they are actually ok if you know how to use them like most indicators, especially since you can automate a trading strategy easily. I still haven't figured out how to draw lines on charts and am pretty doubtful of that stuff though.

How can we meme this into reality?
It doesn't seem that hard to get him to tweet something half cocked.


BB give you a different value if you use them on the 1D, 8hr, 4hr. 1hr, 30min, 15min, 5 min.

And using them on the daily chart is absolutely autistic.

good luck, user-kun

I'm with you user, is passing through

>missed getting goxed
>get goxed

Im pretty new to this meme lines stuff. And even I can say this "ta" is about the laziest, vauge piece of shit posted on this board in a while.
I do think we are going down though.

>Coinbase releases index funds for boomers, downtrend to 4k.


>TA is fucking useless now